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How do we avoid military action in Iran?

I'm sure that I am not alone in hoping that the possibility of Israeli/US/UK military strikes on Iran come to nothing. How can we stop this from happening in order to avoid yet another West Vs Arab world war?


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    Mar 20 2012: To tell you the truth, this issue has been bugging me lately as well. I lived in Middle East so I became more involved in that issue during that time. My take on the problem is that Israel is playing much bigger role there than USA itself. But, I have no fear that any huge conflict will happen before they destabilize Iran's political elite, because if they just rush into any kind of conflict now- they are aware that Iranian people will act as one (regardless of whether they are with or against Ahmadinejad and religious leaders)- they are doomed to cause disaster. But it will happen, only when time becomes right for them to act.

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