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Remote control killing of humans. Is there any way we can justify it?

For the last so many years , one country is involved in using drones to end human life in parts of another country, far away from its geographical borders. Without getting into the right or wrongs of the motives in doing so, is this what human knowledge is for. Has the humanity travelled this far to end human life in such a miserable way , if there is a decent way to end human life at all. Is there an end to revenge ? Can we put limits on the extent a country can go and kill humans in the name of war? Where is our human civilization?


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  • Mar 20 2012: I don't believe there are any justifications for warfare in general. Using drones is just another way of protecting American soldiers, in that they don't have to go and do the actual fighting themselves. But then, lives are lost in either scenario. It is very sad that human kind have developed technology that would allow for one person from across the world to decide whether someone lives or die with a command or a click of a button.

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