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A system/structure for collaboration of ideas and vote from everyone to create, and contribute to the development of products,gov policies

SImply by using the interactive capability of the internet, sites and function such as facebook as a platform, for governments or companies to create a structure, that will allow everyone to create ideas/solutions for problems... such as economic reform, health care bill, or in a company case..... it can let millions of users to contribute ideas, and vote for themselves to come up with ones that they want the most, which save on cost and get the product that fit their needs most.
And interactive platform to build the future by everyone.
A complete collaborate of idea creation, to design, to product specs. to voting for best design for products, policies, regulations.... by the people, customers, citizens.


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  • Mar 20 2012: I think this is a great idea. The only thing is, only 65-70% of theUS population has easy access to broadband Internet. If policy decisions were to be based on this program, Internet access would have be extremely extensive. With the current system, this would be interpreted as discrimination against the less fortunate.
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      Mar 20 2012: Internet access should not be a problem, a effective strcuture should not just be bounded by personal internet access at your home... which is what you are stating... but a wider internet access would help, library, or other public access to a system.... a structure that can provide convenience, such as a group that can collaborate on these issues, if they have lack of internet access or computer such as retirement homes, low income groups, only by creating a physical group and meeting or gathering ( community, churches). We can already overcome the personal home internet access problem
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      Mar 20 2012: the idea of this structure should also be able to survive and operation without any internet access, fibre optic is only an aid to smooth the process of information flow. Groups like i explained before can also gather ideas then only 1 or 2 computer would be needed to get the job done,

      and one other thing, i never understand is that TED is a website to share ideas, i think it is a great thing, but what is ideas that does not get implemented ??
      We still don't have any structure, organization at all in this world to get these great ideas contributed by people and physically turning them into something useful.....

      At the moment we all live in a passive environment which we are suppressed to a point that we gather our ideas through social networks site to make a change...... why can't we use this great technology in a more constructive and positive way??

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