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Do religions evolve?

Have religious belief systems evolved over time?

While many religious believers do not accept the theory of evolution in regards to the development of life, from a historical perspective it seems religious and spiritual belief systems themselves have evolved and developed over time.
From the earliest Venus figurines, cave paintings, early burial sites, naturel and ancestor spirits, polytheistic beliefs to the monotheistic, to deist and others.

Do the strongest survive? Do they adapt? Do they interbreed and influence each other? Do they go extinct? Is there some natural selection process that passes on religious ideas memes, and sees others become extinct?

What properties help a religion survive and thrive? Invisible gods perhaps. Evangelical rather than hereditary. Religions linked to economically and militarily strong cultures perhaps. Do religions have a symbiotic relationship with their host cultures - making them stronger and more united supporting development and progress and hence protecting the religion itself.

What are the greatest challenges to the survival of different religions today, and what will help them survive and thrive?


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  • Mar 20 2012: Hi, Obey No 1kinobe from Sydney Australia.
    I sincerely agree with you. Religions do evolve becasue it is a part of sentient being.
    Religion is just a refelction of snetient beings in this case Human being. If we evolve , our shadow evolve simultanously.

    As ideas survive and die, religion dies and survive.
    And, one way to ensure the survival of certain religion is an empathy.
    Most of religions that have empathy have been survived.

    But, please listen carefully.
    Religion is a shadow , it is mere delusion.

    True religion is no religion.
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      Mar 20 2012: "True religion, is no religion"

      This is a very interesting thought.

      In speaking with people of different religions I have discovered that those who have been enlightened, do not see their particular way of life as something that separates them from others, but instead allows them to embrace people from all religions and all walks of life.

      Empathy, love, and compassion for other human beings helps us to look beyond the "religious box".

      Many times the people within the religions evolve.....but the actual religion, and religious leaders stay behind.

      I am reminded of something that happened in the first century and is recorded in the book of Acts in the New Testament.

      When the disciples were taken before the Sanhedrin, a Pharisee named Gamaliel stood up and said:
      "...if this scheme (the preaching work of the disciples) or this work is from men, it will be overthrown. But, if it is from God, you will not be able to overthrow them; otherwise you may perhaps be found fighters actually against God".

      Although religions have come and gone, still they persist. Why? This is also another interesting thought provoking question.

      Great topic Obey!
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        Mar 20 2012: Thanks Hyunguk and Colleen ( I mean Mary)
        I like the idea of religion being our shadow. True religion is no religion is very Zen. Makes me think of many things.

        You both mention empathy. It is interesting how the new Testament has more of this than the old. It is certainly an evolution. I actually find the dissonance between the 2 unsettling. Like they are not even talking about the same god. Total make over.

        I guess empathy and connection is a powerful thing, and may reflect a slow global change or awareness starting with Buddhism, that the older religions e.g. Avedic teachings or Judaism did not have.

        I note the earlier religions also had animal sacrifice or offerings - Greek/Roman, Judaism, Avedic (proto hinuism). Seems this has died out in some areas/strands.
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          Mar 21 2012: Ummm....Colleen??
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          Mar 21 2012: The expression "shadow" is also in scripture when referring to the old testament.

          For example, did you know that the Law was a "framework of the knowledge and of the truth about God"? But, it was not the entire truth, just the "basic" truths?

          Various parts of the Law of Moses were shadows that represented greater things that would happen when Jesus came.

          God's purposes are unfolding. There really is no dissonance when you study and see the connections.....this requires time and effort.

          There is a series on PBS called "Closer to Truth"....you can access the episodes on line. The sections where the host speaks with Rabbis is very enlightning. The whole series is worth watching in my opinion.

          So I guess I see the truth about God evolving/unfolding.....

          Be Well

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