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Live Q&A with T. Boone Pickens: Let's transform energy -- with natural gas.

This conversation will go Live at 11 am CT/ 12 pm EST. on March 20th, 2012.

I will be answering your questions/comments about my TEDtalk for 1 hour. Please submit your questions below.


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    Mar 20 2012: Sir, how can we know that in the long run natural gas will not give the world problems akin to what crude oil is giving namely high prices, polluting, insecurity, upheavals at point of production, exhaustible, etc.
    • Mar 20 2012: If we are afraid of those things then let's not do it. And stay dependent on OPEC oil. We have to use our own resources and manage as we go. But you can't take a 'give up' attitude and just resolve yourself to the staus quo. But we have a 100 year supply and that buys us a lot of time.
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        Mar 20 2012: I'm 100% for alternative energy and if natural gas can do that, then that's all good. At the back of my mind has been the urgent need for a better alternative preferably based on inexhaustible natural source. That will answer the problem of sustainability. I can see Africa joining Asia to be energy use intensive as USA and EU within the next 50 years. That will certainly put unbearable strain on supplies.
        • Mar 20 2012: I am solving most of my problems by producing my own power and growing most of my own food. If everyone took that step much of the demand would go down and we could make the big switch as a Nation.
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        Mar 20 2012: With all due respect Mr. Pickens, that is logical fallacy and you know it. you are limiting the choices to follow your plan or keep things the same, completely ignoring wind, solar, tidal, wave, and geothermal power. why is natural gas so much better then those infinite resources?
        • Mar 20 2012: He did say in his talk that renewables will not in the near term solve the national security issues poised by our dependance on oil. Natural gas, even if it is only used as a fuel by the 8 million semi's in the US, would essentially mean that the US would be oil INDEPENDENT. We could leave the middle east.
        • Mar 20 2012: Because in the USA it is cheaper. In other places where there is limted to nat gas wind, solar, geothermal might compete. Wind's cost curves were close in the USA when nag gas was $10-14 pmmbtu range, but shale plays made wind uneconomic.
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          Mar 20 2012: I am not an expert, but I suppose gas is more reliable than sun, wind, and tidal power, and probably cheaper to harvest than geothermal power. Also, if you consider that sun energy can best be "harvested" in desert regions, you are dependent on locations in zones that are still difficult to control... although I completely agree that a mix of all sorts of renewable energies, algae, and gas would be the most promising solution.

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