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This Question is for the people that believe in god. (Atheist views also please)

Did you ever thought of this, and if so, please explain to me how does this make sense to you,
Because it doesn't to me.

BTW I'm atheist, but I'm asking this question from a christian point of view.
(I don't claim to no everything, just a truth seeker)

OK, Here we go:

God created you,(Remember you didn't ask to be here,) and then gave you an ultimatum, Worship me and go to Heaven, or You'll burn for eternity in my hell fire.

But...What if i don't want either, why can't i create a third option?
Really, is there any free will in this or is this just free choice?
Besides were ever i was before you created me, am sure i was perfectly fine.
then you decide to bring me here and trap me in your Crappy Options (Heaven or Hell).

Ofcourse if am a believer i wouldn't want to burn in hell, so i'll pick the other option which is heaven.
but am only picking heaven because hell sucks a bit more.

So basically it's worship me or you'll pay. and if i decide not to, Hell awaits me. So, if god really is love why is he so upset and is going to burn me indefinitely, because i think he's a myth that man created to find solace in?
i mean, what type of god leaves no evidence at all, and gets angry because i don't acknowledge him? Let's face it, you can tell me god did it, god created it, god this, god that..but it's all faith based. No matter how much you tell me, you have no proof. So as far as am concerned, if i tell you a pink unicorn in blue jeans created all of this, you can't disprove that.


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    Mar 23 2012: I'm a person of faith - a Quaker - I have faith in the continued existence of the soul and of a higher power. I believe we can gain spiritual insight through meditation and quiet reflection.

    I also believe in evolution, the big bang, DNA and rational thought as well as art, music, sculpture and myths as a source of great cultural significance. I don't believe in the old testament, nor a great deal of the new. I believe in a historical man, now known as Jesus, who was a wise and highly evolved human. I do not believe in the resurrection of the body, I do believe in the reincarnation of the soul.

    I don't believe in a vengeful god - I believe we come here to learn - we may succeed or fail - either way we don't end up in a heaven or a hell - we simply continue our learning.

    I don't get worried about other people's faith / non-faith - unless they are bigots or bullies - and even then I believe we all end up in the same place in the end.
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      Mar 24 2012: Sorry for my late response. tell me, when did god create your soul? the minute you were conceived, way before that (and he was just waiting for your parents to meet) which means you were somewhere doing who no's what, until god decided to beam you in a body! or did he create your soul the minute the fetus started to form? according to the bible the soul is greater than the body right?, the body is fallible and temporary, but the bible says we have free will! OK, so does your soul have free will, seeing that it is way greater? if so, why didn't you have a choice in joining earth? why is there no proof of a soul? enlighten me if you know these answers.
    • Apr 1 2012: Heather,

      Thank you for your thoughts. I share most of the beliefs that you expressed, except those concerning the soul (since I am an atheist). I respect theists who respect others with different beliefs. I give Quakers and Buddhists high grades for that.

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