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This Question is for the people that believe in god. (Atheist views also please)

Did you ever thought of this, and if so, please explain to me how does this make sense to you,
Because it doesn't to me.

BTW I'm atheist, but I'm asking this question from a christian point of view.
(I don't claim to no everything, just a truth seeker)

OK, Here we go:

God created you,(Remember you didn't ask to be here,) and then gave you an ultimatum, Worship me and go to Heaven, or You'll burn for eternity in my hell fire.

But...What if i don't want either, why can't i create a third option?
Really, is there any free will in this or is this just free choice?
Besides were ever i was before you created me, am sure i was perfectly fine.
then you decide to bring me here and trap me in your Crappy Options (Heaven or Hell).

Ofcourse if am a believer i wouldn't want to burn in hell, so i'll pick the other option which is heaven.
but am only picking heaven because hell sucks a bit more.

So basically it's worship me or you'll pay. and if i decide not to, Hell awaits me. So, if god really is love why is he so upset and is going to burn me indefinitely, because i think he's a myth that man created to find solace in?
i mean, what type of god leaves no evidence at all, and gets angry because i don't acknowledge him? Let's face it, you can tell me god did it, god created it, god this, god that..but it's all faith based. No matter how much you tell me, you have no proof. So as far as am concerned, if i tell you a pink unicorn in blue jeans created all of this, you can't disprove that.


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    Mar 20 2012: IT'S ALL ABOUT FAITH!

    If you choose to believe in God or in devil, is your own choice. You just know, if you choose one, it will bring you that, and if you choose the other, it will bring you this.

    Why do you beleive in atheism ? This your choice, this is your faith, this is what you decide to believe! Is it because, you think you're so much it, that you cannot conceived to have someone over you : God. Please bare with me, this is not an insult to you as a person, just for the purpose of this discussion.

    What I love about the idea of God, within all His power that He his, He let you be and become whom you want to be, free of it all. You come to Him if you want...How great is that?

    It's like anything else, is building a relationship right? You meet this beautiful woman, on your case, and you don't know her prior, but there is an attraction, you want to know more about her, you want to please her, make her happy etc., you construct your relationship base on love, trust, caring etc, even if you don't see her at times or all the time...You choose to do that for someone that you don't even know...that eventually, you come to know.

    GOD is like that, learn to know Him and He will let himself known to you.

    As you said Shaheem, mind is well be on God side, and look for His face, 'cause you might burn on two side, but I pray to see you in heaven, after all this. Listen to Joel Osteen : www.joelosteen.com, once in your life on any giving Sunday to the end of it.


    PS: God create all things in His image : Pink unicorn in blue jeans! Why not, everything is possible. What's impossible to man, is possible to God!
    It's like saying to a kid that Santa Claus does not exist...you'll have the fight of your life with that 5yrs old, and he will win! Cheers!
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      Mar 20 2012: Keep in mind, i don't have a problem with someone being over me. i have a issue with someone that gets a hard on for praise and gets upset and threatens me with eternal fire if i don't give him it. like honestly. why does me praising you even matter. reminds me of a delusional celebrity who gets piss when his/her fans don't care about them anymore. If you talk to God you're religious. If God talks to you, you're psychotic. building a relationship with god is an illusion, it's no different than a kid building a relationship with Santa.
      gods needs to build a relationship with me, he no i exist. am the one who thinks he doesn't. every accomplishment you gain in your life is due to your hard work, your choices. there is no evidence that your prayers or god had something to do with it. if you grew up in a world were they believed mickey mouse is the reason you breathe, then you would be thanking mickey mouse for every step you take. it's so sad how people say god answered my prayer. really? you mean he choosed your minor prayer over the starving kids, who really needs it? that's people's arrogance if you ask me
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        Mar 20 2012: I don't know you Shaheem, but you seem to be so angry about something, that you did not dare to face within you!!

        All the best to you though!! I will pray that God touch your heart, like he did for Paul!! You'll come back after and preach to us all how wonderful and powerful God is in your life, all that you have, and ever be, it's because of Him!!

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        Mar 20 2012: I agree with Michelle. You seem to be very angry. I have said this before and I will say it again:

        God did not condemn you to Hell. He did not. No way. No how. No. Non. Nein. Nicht. Nyet.

        Since you have said that experiences and the past shape our decisions, then i will guess that someone along the way misrepresented God as some sort of callous, heartless killer who loves watching us squirm. But please know that is how some PERSON represented God. It is not who He is.
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          Mar 20 2012: I don't understand why you assume am angry. hey, i guess that's you perception
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          Mar 21 2012: All of your comments have this : "Beyond mad", "madness" "crazy" quotes in them...simple as that!

          If you're not...my apologies than!
        • Apr 1 2012: Verble,

          You keep saying that God does not condemn us all to hell, that we were already condemned to hell. But don't you also believe that God created everything, including hell, and set up the rules so that we were already pre-condemned to hell? Doesn't that amount to the same thing?
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        Mar 21 2012: Shaheem, my apologies for not noticing it sooner, but you have an excellent question in asking why God would answer someone's minor prayer over helping starving children. Very very valid concern for many people.

        Let me start by dispelling the myth that believers just pray to God and God gives them stuff. Yes, I have heard people say, "I needed a car and was only expecting a Toyota and God got me a Lexus.". This is a lie. The whole thing about prayer is to get us into synch with God, prayer is not some magical spell used to conjure up goods and stuff, but rather, prayer is a method by which we commune with God in order to ask Him what we need to pray about.

        Now, I know scripture quoters are going to jump all over this, (pray as though it's already done, give you desires of your heart, etc.) but delving deeper into scripture, we find that through constant prayer and communion with God, we align our desires with His. Ergo, when we pray for our desires, we are now praying for His.

        I'll end with an example. There's a Christian band called Jars of Clay, had a mega crossover hit in the mid-90's, gave them enough cash to do whatever they wanted. I read an interview with them t the time,where they thanked God, and prayed that they would never have so much worldly success that they would led from Him. They have not had another mega-crossover hit since, but they have continued to make albums and have started many humanitarian organizations, one which builds wells for drinking water for those in villages where there is no clean water. Do you see the connection? These musicians prayed, and starving children get fed.

        Does that mean starvation is eradicated? Not yet. But it can be, through the working of all decent people, whether they pray or not, whether they believe in God or not, but when it is eradicated, many people's prayers will have been answered.
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      Mar 20 2012: I think by definition people who believe in god mostly also believe in the devil and people who don't believe in god also don't believe in the devil by implication. There isn't really a choice of believing in god or the devil.

      As for your analogy with Santa, it's perfect! It's hard to convince a child that's totally swayed that he doesn't exist even if they don't have any evidence to back it up and it's just an idea promulgated by parents and culture, sound familiar?
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      Mar 21 2012: Hi Mireille,

      You stated that it is all about faith and from what I read from your post you would want this faith to be respected am I correct?

      So allow me to create a scenario for you and see if your position still stands because if it does not, I think you would really need to question your own personal convictions.

      What if I was to create a post stating that I had a dream that God and Jesus came to me. In this dream, God told me that I was his second son and that Jesus was my brother. Since Jesus is in the Kingdom of Heaven, God left it to me to cleanse the world of false Gods and infidels.

      So the next day I wake up and create a post on TED talking about how profound and real this dream was. I start talking about my experiences within this dream and what God has planned for me to do. I decide that it is an "idea worth spreading" that Jesus and God wants me to rid the world of infidels and false Gods and any person or culture that practice these things must be wiped out and killed.

      Now there is no evidence to back up any of these claims. How do I know the people in my dream was really God and Jesus? If I seriously believed any of this to be true should such a view be respected? What are the implications of such beliefs?

      For me to actually believe that I was in the presences of God and Jesus and they wanted to spread their message and rid the world of evil things and people, wouldn't I have to take this all on faith to seriously believe this? There is nothing in my post that requires evidence to back up the experiences from my dream. I would have to take a serious leap of faith to assume not only that this was God and Jesus but that they wanted me to carry out such a plan

      My question to you is would you still accept such a position to be true? with the exception of mass murder how is my experience different than that of Moses, Abraham, Saul of Tarsus or Saint Teresa? How would the TED community respond to this? should they respect my belief?
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        Mar 21 2012: Amazing example Orlando, i would love to hear Mireille's response
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        Mar 21 2012: Hello Orlando,

        First and foremost, I would never aloud, permit, give power to any human being to make me think differently of my own, or bring doubts to MY convictions. Aint not happening!! This is how strong my faith IS in what I CHOOSE, and in all my rights to do so.

        Now this being said, FAITH IS : "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen". Is to beleive in something that you never seen. It's like a pregnant mother, she knowse there is something in her belly, never seen it, touch it, or even "physically" touch it. It's like planting a grain in spring...you don't see it for a while before it comes out the ground, but you believe that you'll see it, you know deep down, that it will grow...

        Secondly is about choice. I CHOOSE to believe in this, or in that. This is my rights also. If the dream you're suggested above, make sense to you and you believe in it, why not Orlando? Do you know how many dreams, ideas that will never see the day, because people let others to convince them of the contrary of their beliefs?

        I'm not here to change anybody else mind, convictions, ideology, philosophy, this is why I love the platform of TED, it aloud us to express in a coherent, respectful manner our opinions, there is no rights, or wrong here, and it help me grow...

        I don' t have to agree with you, Shaheem or anybody that have another opinions then mind, or that even oppose my way of thinking. It all good to me...

        I'm secure in myself to respect the differences or our voices, ideas etc. without trying to change others mind, by trying to make them think like me.

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          Mar 21 2012: first allow me toI offer my apologies if you were offended in any way.

          but I think you may have taken my post out of context. I said you need to QUESTION, not CHANGE you position. No where in my post did I say I was going to change your mind. If you have faith then you have faith. I question my personal convictions all the time. It's what keeps me open to new possibilities. It's what help me learn from others as well as myself. I can have a process of reflection without having to change my own position and change the way my life is. if it leads to that then go right ahead but before you decide to pounce consider the point i was trying to make. If you think that I am trying to convert you to a non-believer then you are very highly mistaken being that I do not count atheism as a religion (I do not even use the word) but I see no harm in saying that people need to reconsider their position (this includes myself).

          All I was simply implying, from a logical standpoint, is that if someone created a post, as I have mentioned in my last post, about such things (that required faith as I have mentioned) would you or any other believer support such a claim and if not why?

          From what I read, it seems like your ok with such a dream. What I do not think you realize is that over 20 million people were killed because such a man was incapable of changing his mind and influenced everyone else (this was an actual event called the Taiping Rebellion). Once again I am offering a perspective and possible dangers of blind faith. To me this is a major problem and extends well beyond the realm of religion (Nazism, fascism, etc). Just somethings to consider.

          I am almost certain many believers would not adhere to such a post and the reason is because millions of people were killed but in the end he was only doing what his faith (and in the case God and Jesus) told him to do.
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        Mar 21 2012: You did not offend me Orlando! I respect your points of view, even if I don't agree with them all.

        I speak for myself, I will adhere in such a post, because I want to express my opinion and put it outhere and learn from others also.

        Obviously, Hong Xiuquan was somewhat and extremist in his ways, and if people accept and follows what he impose on them...well history shows you that 20M innocent died from it, and it's really sad and I condamn such ways in the name of Jesus, Allah or any other deity.

        For argument say, if this Xiuguan was right and God told him to do so. Whom I'm I to discuss about God ways ? His the master mind, he has a plan and a agenda for His planet and world that He created, so if 20M person have to died for the purpose of his plan, hey, we are all going to die eventually, right? I don't agree with it, but I'm one of his creation, he can do whatever, because I believe He knowse best!

        MAN (human), change GOD in anything that they want, just to get and feel the power that come with it, so that they can have control, power, money over others...Anything that uses the name of God, Jesus, Allah, Jehovah to killed, murdered, I will never stand for that...but again, to each their own CHOICE to believe and have FAITH in what they want.

        Whatever you do on this planet, good or bad, it will come back to you, somehow...so for me, I choose to do good, be at peace, respect others that respect me, and believe in what I want, no matter what others may think.


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