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This Question is for the people that believe in god. (Atheist views also please)

Did you ever thought of this, and if so, please explain to me how does this make sense to you,
Because it doesn't to me.

BTW I'm atheist, but I'm asking this question from a christian point of view.
(I don't claim to no everything, just a truth seeker)

OK, Here we go:

God created you,(Remember you didn't ask to be here,) and then gave you an ultimatum, Worship me and go to Heaven, or You'll burn for eternity in my hell fire.

But...What if i don't want either, why can't i create a third option?
Really, is there any free will in this or is this just free choice?
Besides were ever i was before you created me, am sure i was perfectly fine.
then you decide to bring me here and trap me in your Crappy Options (Heaven or Hell).

Ofcourse if am a believer i wouldn't want to burn in hell, so i'll pick the other option which is heaven.
but am only picking heaven because hell sucks a bit more.

So basically it's worship me or you'll pay. and if i decide not to, Hell awaits me. So, if god really is love why is he so upset and is going to burn me indefinitely, because i think he's a myth that man created to find solace in?
i mean, what type of god leaves no evidence at all, and gets angry because i don't acknowledge him? Let's face it, you can tell me god did it, god created it, god this, god that..but it's all faith based. No matter how much you tell me, you have no proof. So as far as am concerned, if i tell you a pink unicorn in blue jeans created all of this, you can't disprove that.


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  • Mar 19 2012: Sometime, it is better to be honest with yourself instead of opening a door to "mass sining" by asking questions your brain produce when the answer lay deep in your heart. With or without the bible, the idea of GOD run inside your blood and your mind. Why are you asking a question that contains its answer?
    Two things: Either you want to mislead weak mind or you don't know what to do of your time. One way or the other the answer is still contained in your heart. I advise you to take proper meditation exercises, lift your spirit high and come back with the answer for nobody can convince you right now.
    This is an advice, just an advice.
    Atheism is as well a kind of faith. Is it wrong or wright? You will find the answer when your counter will stop and trust me, I prefer to BELIEVE in that GOD now than to find later my mistake. I HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE.
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      Mar 20 2012: Eric, if someone chooses to believe in a particular god because primarily because this is better than risking eternal damnation (Pascals argument), I would argue they potentially have a lot to lose.

      Some other god might be the right one and they may end up going to hell anyway.

      The real god might have rules that support a happier life for them and everyone.

      Or there may be no god and you might lead your whole life following a delusion.

      What a silly reason to have faith. Be authentic I say.

      Also, the idea of god, religions etc are deeply embedded in many cultures. You can not escape this powerful cultural construct. I guess if your were brought up on an island with no religious cultural baggage, taught modern science, we might still wonder where we came from, the meaning of life etc but far fewer people would jump to god. Plenty of us, brought up surrounded by religious beliefs, see it as a human construct and have no innate programming to belief in superstitious cultural nonsense.
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        Mar 22 2012: @Obey No1kinobe AMAZING
      • Mar 26 2012: Hi,
        I don't see sillyness into believing in a GOD that have as rules all the moral values we so much praise in our society.
        If you have enough time, I advise you to read the three most common HOLY books we have in the market regarding the most HIGH GOD. I cite them so there will be no confusion regarding your choices: The TANACH(JEWISH), BIBLE(CHRISTIAN) and the KORAN(MUSLIM).
        These books contains between them all the moral rules our society accept today and always has.
        Your demonstration about the idea of god is somewhat naive. If a child is born in an island, he will maybe not have any information about GOD but somehow the need of perfection and wrong or right doing will be deeply embedded inside his mind. where did he get them-refer to DESCARTES-?
        By believing in GOD, I will have to comply with his rules so, conducting my life in a respectable manner. If you live in USA, you must respect the law there otherwise it is in hot water you will found yourself so why not respect the spiritual laws and accept the minimal risk to believe in GOD? Believing in GOD doesn't harm. Oath is made on a HOLY BOOK be it in a Christian Country or Muslim one. Why? Because the rulers there knows a lot more about spirituality.
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      Mar 20 2012: Cheers Eric!!

      Just love what you wrote : I prefer to BELIEVE in that GOD now than to find later my mistake. I HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE.

      Have a great one and see you in heaven!!
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      • Mar 26 2012: Thank you so much my dear, I know what I've been through and GOD is a daily experience for me. I pray so we all come to found HIM.
        Be BLESSED!
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          Mar 27 2012: God is wonderful, seek Me, and you shall find me He said....God bless you always my dear Eric....I can wait to see Him face to face!!

          Be blessed alwaysssssssssss
      • Apr 1 2012: Re. "I prefer to BELIEVE in that GOD now than to find later my mistake."

        Wouldn't it be better to find your mistake now, and stop wasting your time believing in fantasies?

        You seem to have ignored Obey No1kinobe's post concerning Pascal's argument.

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