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This Question is for the people that believe in god. (Atheist views also please)

Did you ever thought of this, and if so, please explain to me how does this make sense to you,
Because it doesn't to me.

BTW I'm atheist, but I'm asking this question from a christian point of view.
(I don't claim to no everything, just a truth seeker)

OK, Here we go:

God created you,(Remember you didn't ask to be here,) and then gave you an ultimatum, Worship me and go to Heaven, or You'll burn for eternity in my hell fire.

But...What if i don't want either, why can't i create a third option?
Really, is there any free will in this or is this just free choice?
Besides were ever i was before you created me, am sure i was perfectly fine.
then you decide to bring me here and trap me in your Crappy Options (Heaven or Hell).

Ofcourse if am a believer i wouldn't want to burn in hell, so i'll pick the other option which is heaven.
but am only picking heaven because hell sucks a bit more.

So basically it's worship me or you'll pay. and if i decide not to, Hell awaits me. So, if god really is love why is he so upset and is going to burn me indefinitely, because i think he's a myth that man created to find solace in?
i mean, what type of god leaves no evidence at all, and gets angry because i don't acknowledge him? Let's face it, you can tell me god did it, god created it, god this, god that..but it's all faith based. No matter how much you tell me, you have no proof. So as far as am concerned, if i tell you a pink unicorn in blue jeans created all of this, you can't disprove that.


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    Mar 24 2012: God never gave any "crappy options" in the sacred texts but man himself since the early age does not want to be burdened upon. I think it was a way to discipline the people of that era who were indulged in chaos, immorality, obscenity etc. At the same time it is important to note here that things like, morality, ethical behavior, norms of the society all were a result of information provided in these religious books hundreds of years back. And what science proved today or ethical principles developed were somehow magically present then without all the new age gizmo stuff & today's scholastic thinkers?

    These are the things that force us to think about religion/God etc. My question to you is , is it necessary to see God to believe in him? If it is, then why do you believe in all the scientific stuff that is backed up by unproven theories/hypothesis like the bigbang, gravity, or the Planck era earliest period of time in the history of the universe, from zero to approximately 10−43 seconds (Planck time) etc

    I would also like to share this video to show what faith is:
    People during the deadly tornado at kentucky, began praying, Why was praying the first thing that came to her mind? link attached below is quite evident of a spiritual connection that each one of us has during fear, we connect with god, then why do we find solace in god in times like these:
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      Mar 24 2012: No one is asking to see god, someone doesn't have to show their face to prove they exist. get it? as far as the people praying during the deadly tornados etc, is a horrible analogy, your talking about a woman who was brought up in a society that spoon feed her religion and god from she was a baby, so now she has this illusion inside her that someone is going to save her. if she grew up somewhere, were they never ever knew about religion and god you think she would be praying when she saw a tornado? you fill kids head with the idea of superman and batman and they'll ask you for a batman/superman outfit for their birthday, if superman/batman never existed, you think they would? besides, their is no evidence what so ever that prayer works, saying my prayer got answer over the billions who needed it more than you, is arrogance dipped in illusion.
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        Mar 24 2012: Shaheem, I will be most interested in reading your closing on this conversation. I do hope that you continue your quest for truth, and that some day you will indeed open your eyes.

        With all kindness, I think it must be said that you keep making the same claims over and over again, and seem genuinely resistant to all reassurance, explanation, or alternative questions. But I think that this conversation has shown evidence of Christ's love by the gentle responses you have received here, and by the prayer for your peace.

        Lastly, in answer to one of your many questions, about being forced here to deal with the "Crappy Options" but if you were to change your perception, you would see it differently. If you were to see that you do have the free will to will these Options into "Less-than-Crappy Opportunities" you might find the answers to all these questions (which we have been answering but which just don't seem to satisfy you.)

        All this to say: sometimes it seems you are so busy asking questions you never stop to consider that the answers are being given to you.

        Just think about it.

        With all Peace and Love,
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        • Mar 25 2012: Hi, Bridget !
          Your comment reminds me this quote :
          "I have always thought it curious that, while most scientists claim to eschew religion,
          it actually dominates their thoughts more than it does the clergy "
          Fred Hoyle
          Very interesting observation, indeed ! :)
        • Mar 31 2012: Bridget,

          Your comments were directed to Shaheem, but I hope you won't mind me interjecting some of my thoughts.

          Evidence of God's existence that would satisfy me:
          * A huge face of God suddenly appearing in orbit around the Earth, and responding to every question in the questioner's own language.
          * A voice heard by every person in the world in their own language announcing that God was about to reverse Earth's direction of rotation, so hold on ...
          * Giant words written in the sky and readable all around the Earth in each person's favorite language stating all the winning lottery numbers for the next week.

          I could go on, but I think you get the drift. An omnipotent being could provide evidence of its existence by doing something that requires omnipotence.

          Regarding one's mind as "evidence" can be used as proof of the correctness of any delusion, including the existence of goblins, ghosts, and gods.
        • Mar 31 2012: Natasha,

          I can't post a reply directly below you post because it is nested too deep, so I'll post a reply to Bridget's post.

          You quoted Sir Fred Hoyle as saying ""I have always thought it curious that, while most scientists claim to eschew religion, it actually dominates their thoughts more than it does the clergy ."

          Of course this is not necessarily true simply because Hoyle said this, but let's set that aside for the moment.

          Sir Fred Hoyle was an astronomer, and his mention in connection with religion reminds me of another astronomer. No doubt religion dominated Galileo Galilei's thoughts as he was forced to recant his own discoveries when standing before a tribunal of the Inquisition.

          Religion may dominate a person's thoughts, but that doesn't mean that the person is having positive thoughts about religion.
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        Mar 25 2012: Dear dear shaeem,

        If you read the sacred texts , in almost every text you have the option, asking you to choose, meaning that of "free-will". The idea as you said is never forced into a child growing up, but when that particular child grows into an adult, uses his developed mind to understand the text & implement it as if he was somehow spiritually destined for it.

        With regards to my previous post your answer is still awaited !

        Have a nice weekend

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