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Why do we allow primitive tribes to still exist ?

I think this is extremely uncivilized and inhumaneness that we still allow primitive tribes to exist in in the 21 century. Do we not help them under the pretext that '' they are happy that way'' ? But this would be the same as saying lets give candies to a baby and allow him to eat sugar as much as he likes because he is happy that way ? Or, lets allow babies to run around naked in the cold because he is happy that way ? Of course he is feeling happy, a uneducated baby doesn't care about illness and stuff like that. It is our responsibility to protect and educate our children right ? I see the same thing with the tribes. We should bring them to our cities and educate them, and if after that they still want to go back to the jungle and hunt fish, then it would be their freedom or choice. But i guarantee you they would not go back to the jungle, as they will be educated. It is our obligation as humans to bring them our of the primitive environment they are living in, and educate them, help them learn and become civilized, and only then they would have more tools of making decisions. I can't believe we are allowing primitive tribes to still exists.. This is like giving a birth a child and then leave it in the jungle and watch him grow because he LOOKS happy. What the hell ? This extremely inhumaneness act and should rethink our actions immediately.


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    Mar 20 2012: Quite simple, because they have their human rights and freedom of doing what they choose to.
    • Mar 21 2012: Ok, then how come we force our children to go to school and learn and read books ? Even though they refuse to do it and say they do not want to do it, we still force them to do it ? Isn't that against our children's human rights and freedom ?
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        Mar 21 2012: That is two totally different situation, children needs to learn things because they can't survive if adults dont teach them, forcing another culture to adapt into a different lifestyle is like saying to muslim to learn to wear bikini.... thats what cause conflicts...
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        Mar 21 2012: We can let them know there are other cultures out there, but we can never force them to learn our things, If they decide to and wants to they can go to new places to learn.. i will find a video for you to see, about culture difference, a group of people from tribes from Africa spent a month in the US, and afterwards... they really dislike the way it is, and decided to go home.
        I will find it and show you, that is the reason why there are different perspective and view point in the world, we think ours is good, but in other's eyes might not be as good as we think. Thats why we have to respect each others, but also open to learn.
        • Mar 21 2012: They will never arrive at such a decision simple because their values are being shaped by the environment they are living in. They will never change as it is the environment that shape their lives. As for the video that you gave me, please refer to the statements i made above.
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        Mar 21 2012: that position is a complete non-sequitor and has nothing to do with the original question that you asked...

        look at it this way.....what if someone came to your home and forced you out because they believed that under your house was a pile of diamonds. Would you be ok with that?

        What, if instead of forcing you out they decided to just bring their things and command you and your family to start digging for diamonds, while they decided to live under the same roof without your consent. Would you be ok with this?

        In case your wondering where I'm going with this put this in relation to what happened to the natives since Columbus.
        • Mar 21 2012: I am sorry i can't understand your answer. What you are giving as an examples has nothing to do with my question and statements. Please read my question and statements once again.
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        Mar 22 2012: It has everything to do with what your talking about

        and I have read everything you mentioned yesterday and the reasons you give is almost exactly the justification that the explores, the church and the pilgrims gave...

        I do not mean to be strident but if you don't know enough about history, then there is no way you'll understand what I'm trying to say to you.

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