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Why do we allow primitive tribes to still exist ?

I think this is extremely uncivilized and inhumaneness that we still allow primitive tribes to exist in in the 21 century. Do we not help them under the pretext that '' they are happy that way'' ? But this would be the same as saying lets give candies to a baby and allow him to eat sugar as much as he likes because he is happy that way ? Or, lets allow babies to run around naked in the cold because he is happy that way ? Of course he is feeling happy, a uneducated baby doesn't care about illness and stuff like that. It is our responsibility to protect and educate our children right ? I see the same thing with the tribes. We should bring them to our cities and educate them, and if after that they still want to go back to the jungle and hunt fish, then it would be their freedom or choice. But i guarantee you they would not go back to the jungle, as they will be educated. It is our obligation as humans to bring them our of the primitive environment they are living in, and educate them, help them learn and become civilized, and only then they would have more tools of making decisions. I can't believe we are allowing primitive tribes to still exists.. This is like giving a birth a child and then leave it in the jungle and watch him grow because he LOOKS happy. What the hell ? This extremely inhumaneness act and should rethink our actions immediately.


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    Mar 20 2012: I think it is quite judgemental to think just bringing them to the cities then they won't want to go back, i personally grew up in Hong Kong and London, the two largest cities in the world. And to be honest, i am quite sick of the cities. Many people now adays escape to the wild just to catch a breathe.

    Having Cars, Hotwater or Computer doesnt necessary means its better.

    Eating nature food, dont have to worry about politics, poverty, dont have to worry about tax, competition, economic downturn. Food additives, getting shot, getting robbed.....

    There are good and bad on both sides, it might not even do good to them if you force them into our society.
    • Mar 21 2012: Yes, and would you rather move to the jungle without clothes, electricity and all the goods that you are using today ? Just you and the nature. If you are hungry go hunt a fish. If you are cold, cover yourself up with some plants. How about that ? Would you rather choose that kind of life or go back to London ? You said it your self - '' escape to the wild just to catch a breathe ''. And when you catch a breathe you go back to the civilization don't you ? What bad sides do you see in bringing the primitive tribes to our cities and help them learn ?
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        Mar 21 2012: There was a girl, from a small town that became a transfer student in Hong Kong, the overwhelming bombardment of 7million people buzzing activity, pressure of works and competition driven her to kill herself within a few months of arriving in HK.
        After i had been living in the different countries... i dislike cities now.
        Living primitive is their way of life, I don't understand what is the obsession of us forcing our others to become like us.... they are the way they are....... If they really want to see new things or such.. they would go venture themselves...
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        Mar 21 2012: and i dont understand why we think that just bringing them to our society then they learn... if we go to their society we also learn.........

        And yes there are a huge society of Amish out there.... no electricity, make everything themselves... you can check out the reason why Amish live the way they are

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