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What is next? The future of capitalism.

Used to be:"Money is on the top of everything, the succesful is the one who gets it at any cost, no ethics are welcomed!"
"How can we make more money?"
"How can we make these guys pay more?"
These are the outdated questions, it doesn't work this way in today's world of business. Prefering money (evil) for people (for good) is killing/killed capitalism!
So, what's next? I personally think that the next formula for a success will be somewhat like this:" What is good for people is good for business too!" Thus, business people should/will start caring about people.

Please, people, what do you expect from near future (of capitalism), share with us?!


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    Mar 20 2012: capitalism never worked like that, and will continue to work like that, depending on what your actual point is.

    capitalism is a misnomer, free enterprise with private ownership would be a more appropriate term. money never was on the top. the top is always the personal "psychological" gain of people. that is, the satisfaction of wants. for some people, stacking up money might be the most satisfactory thing to do, but it is not the point.

    the real question of economics is how to produce more goods (things that satisfy wants) with using less resources. how do we know which goods people want, and which resources to use and how? we need a calculation system to track back personal valuations of goods to their required resources, and the resources those resources require, and so on. the capitalist solution for that is the price system. if a good is more wanted, its price gets higher. as a result, it will be more profitable to produce it. some production capacities will be redirected to that area, which increases the price of everything else, which in turn make them a little less wanted. in effect, the entire economy re-adjusts itself to produce more of the wanted good, and less of everything else.

    it can not be farther from the truth that this process prefers money to people. it in fact benefits people, as the number of goods produced will more accurately reflect the actual preferences people have.

    but to understand it, we need to see through money, and take the next step in our thinking. always be ready to take the next step, and ask why, until you finally get to real reasons.
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      Mar 20 2012: Mr. Pinter, I have a question for you, are you a businessman?
      For a businessman, what's the actual motivation for doing what they're doing (a business)? For Microsoft, it's the money, but for Steve Jobs (r.i.p.) (Apple) was to make something useful, cool, new, innovative, and many other reasons which comes before money...Now, we see/know the differences between these two companies.

      I wasn't really talking about Supply and Demand Laws.
      I'm after people's opinions about what do they expect from future capitalism?
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        Mar 20 2012: i'm not a businessman, though i have a small percentage ownership in the company i'm working for. motivation is always manifold. success, money, doing it better, and so on, i could not tell it apart. they come together, they are bound.

        this oversimplification that microsoft has a goal to make money, and apple to innovate does not make too much sense. microsoft is very innovative and user oriented too. and apple is also known for "dirty" business tactics.

        i understand that you wanted to talk about the future. but you also made some points about the past and the present, and since i believe these claims were false, i attempted to correct them.
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          Mar 20 2012: Thank you for sharing your opinion!
          So, what do you think will happen near future with capitalism?

          ps: I'm not againts the free market or private ownership!
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        Mar 20 2012: what will happen? in the short term, capitalism will continue to slowly drown as the strong arms of growing statism holds it stronger and stronger.

        then, either it will advance forward to dark dictatorships or, through a sort of wakeup, we finally embrace freedom one again.
      • Mar 21 2012: Of course it's always easy to poke hole in any theory or idea or opinion if you're allowed to just make up completely false things and use them as facts. Have you actually picked up Apple's 10-K document and read through how they conduct business? It's available at investor.apple.com, I suggest you do, maybe you can stop lying.

        Then you can take a look at the ownership structure. Shares Held by Institutional & Mutual Fund Owners, 70%. Apple's interest would not be money? Please! Wasn't steve fired because he didn't run it as the owners wanted?

        You also fail to see the marketing strategy in the company? Take one very likeable person, associate him with innovation and design (instead of profits and business), create an opposition (evil microsoft), promote it as a service to mankind, sell for huge profitmargins while everyone praises the non-profit, honorable goal of the company?
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          Mar 23 2012: You are right and I'm wrong! I haven't read those documents about Apple or Microsoft. I'm just an end-user and feel this way about their products... And am aware that they have many other products which I don't/didn't use... and they have billions of dollars...
          I should have talked about only certain products, thank you for correcting me...
          Don't accept me as the one who advertises certain companies... I just like to know people's opinions about companies, theories, idealogies...I might be ignorant, that's why I've opened this under "Questions", because want to learn from people...

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