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Where do you find the inspiration and energy to start and build your own venture?

I'm interested to learn where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs get their inspiration from for starting and running their own venture? From discussions with many peers I learn that inspiration for undertaking a business comes from one's self, but that external sources also play a significant role. Think of role models, peers, literature, tv/film, the like. I'd like to know if these answers are different for entrepreneurs around the globe.


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    Mar 9 2011: I think the main drive behind all private ventures is a distaste with the status quo. In some cases its a desire to be different, in other cases its a need to do something, either way its begins with the fundamental idea that what is shouldn't be, and should be different. Facebook, Google, Apple Inc, Ford, and nearly all other companies started this way. A desire to change. So thats a simple drive right the drive to change the status quo.
    But then looking at the individual those who pioneer things have a complete vision, or at least they see the potential end result and thusly stop at nothing until it is achieved. You could call it an innate ability or call it an acquired taste either way its a necessity, to drive forward a venture that could be a complete failure. But there are also those who get into ventures because there is nothing else to do. Perhaps they were considerably successful at some point and are now looking to do something else.
    I know that for me, its a desire to help others that fuels much of what I do, including the ventures that I help or start. For me its changing the status quo, and seeing what the future brings.
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      Mar 9 2011: I know the first two things I started were out of frustration. In fact when I talk to kids and other groups about starting a business I always talk about frustration. Something is not working, being done wrong, not being done at all or being done in a very inefficient way. And I am frustrated that there is a better, simpler cheaper or greener way to do the same thing.

      I also agree with your point about vision. As soon as you identify that fly in the ointment now you have to go about putting a plan together that can remove it. I know I am frustrated by many things but have only had the resources to work on a few of them. So not only do I need a vision but I need a good amount of resources that can be aligned to a specific project.

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