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Identifying and bringing best practices to Education.

What are the best practices in Education that you’re aware of...Practices / Ideas / Strategies / Methodologies / Tools, that contribute to building a culture and environment of safety and trust, that encourages and infact nurtures Curiosity, learning and accountability.

Do you have a compelling story around how / what, you / someone you know off did, that contributed significantly to delivering learning outcomes ? Looking forward to an interesting conversation with many learnings :O)

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    Mar 24 2012: There are no universal best practices. What works for me may not work for anyone else. In the military we had a saying: adjust, adapt, overcome. I would suggest a open mind, an available ear, and a tool box of alternative approaches. When learning goes from extrinsic to intrensic you have accomplished the basis for lifelong learning. All of the best. Bob
  • Mar 20 2012: I would say the newest innovation in education method is the Khan Academy. It is a website, and it is filled with tons of videos covering everything talked about in the classroom. All the videos are made/narrated by Salman Khan who is trying to flip the classroom by having the kids go their own pace and learn from doing their homework in the classroom to avoid teachers from lecturing. You need to watch his TED talk.
  • Mar 19 2012: Thanks Fritzie, I have had the good fortune of finding and reading "How People learn,' also by Bransford, Donovan and Pelligrino, excellent book with some wonderful learnings and i agree when you say it's nice to have ideas that have valid research to support them...But i'm equally interested to know and explore ideas that may be new and need to be researched and studied to find if they work..what is most intriguing is how sometimes the best kind of learning happens without any real support, but perhaps real interest, wherein children and adults, take responsibility for their own learning...with the Internet we are slowly but surely moving to a place where the dependence on academic institutions for Information is reducing...what will gain significance is perhaps the method / model of instruction and teaching...and I believe there much to work at in this area...
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    Mar 19 2012: One book I like on this subject has the first author Bransford and is called How Children Learn.Another is called Cambridge Handbook of Learning Sciences.Both of these present what the latest research says about how children learn, best practices in pedagogy, models of different ways of organizing education (both in school and out), and citations to the research literature and case studies. This way the reader can follow up to see what the evidence is for what each author presents or recommends. Education is an area where there are lots and lots of opinions, some with solid empirical and theoretical support and some not, so it is useful, since so much is at stake, to have in hand ideas that you can tell have valid research to support them.