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Identifying and bringing best practices to Education.

What are the best practices in Education that you’re aware of...Practices / Ideas / Strategies / Methodologies / Tools, that contribute to building a culture and environment of safety and trust, that encourages and infact nurtures Curiosity, learning and accountability.

Do you have a compelling story around how / what, you / someone you know off did, that contributed significantly to delivering learning outcomes ? Looking forward to an interesting conversation with many learnings :O)


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  • Mar 20 2012: I would say the newest innovation in education method is the Khan Academy. It is a website khanacademy.com, and it is filled with tons of videos covering everything talked about in the classroom. All the videos are made/narrated by Salman Khan who is trying to flip the classroom by having the kids go their own pace and learn from doing their homework in the classroom to avoid teachers from lecturing. You need to watch his TED talk.

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