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Who is the voice inside your head?

Whether it be Jiminy Cricket for Pinnochio or The Great Gazoo for Fred Flintstone.

Who is your prevailing conscience and what is their word that sticks to you the most?


Closing Statement from Dyed All Hues

That was a fun exercise. Thanks to all that have participated. Very interesting personal insight. May our minds converge someday. =D

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  • Mar 23 2012: Confucius, Whenever I will be doing or do something, it always comes to my mind the golden rule "do not do to others what others you don't want to do unto you". This quote always comes to my mind especially in decision-making whether personal, love or work. I always come to think "what if does happen to me to?" or I always, as much as possible try to step in to his/her shoes. Another thing, I greatly believe in Karma, what goes around comes back around. :)

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      Mar 24 2012: Ah...one of my creeds. =)

      Rooted in many religious institutions, is that saying, but I think it is a way of life.

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