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Who is the voice inside your head?

Whether it be Jiminy Cricket for Pinnochio or The Great Gazoo for Fred Flintstone.

Who is your prevailing conscience and what is their word that sticks to you the most?


Closing Statement from Dyed All Hues

That was a fun exercise. Thanks to all that have participated. Very interesting personal insight. May our minds converge someday. =D

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    Mar 20 2012: I think a voice in my head is not so clever and precise as a voice in my gut :P I over analyze things, so it led me to a wrong path so many times in my life. But that strong and direct 'voice in my gut' has never let me down. It is a pity that I always tend to let that voice down much to my own misfortune as the future turn of events used to show. So, regardless of how radical or 'crazy' that 'gut voice' sometimes seems-I solemnly pledge to always listen to it's suggestions ;)
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      Mar 21 2012: Ah...beautifully put Ana! I enjoy that new invigorating perspective. You could consider your gut feeling as well. =)

      Can you put a description or a figure to your "gut"? =)

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