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Who is the voice inside your head?

Whether it be Jiminy Cricket for Pinnochio or The Great Gazoo for Fred Flintstone.

Who is your prevailing conscience and what is their word that sticks to you the most?

Closing Statement from Dyed All Hues

That was a fun exercise. Thanks to all that have participated. Very interesting personal insight. May our minds converge someday. =D

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    Mar 20 2012: I think a voice in my head is not so clever and precise as a voice in my gut :P I over analyze things, so it led me to a wrong path so many times in my life. But that strong and direct 'voice in my gut' has never let me down. It is a pity that I always tend to let that voice down much to my own misfortune as the future turn of events used to show. So, regardless of how radical or 'crazy' that 'gut voice' sometimes seems-I solemnly pledge to always listen to it's suggestions ;)
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      Mar 21 2012: Ah...beautifully put Ana! I enjoy that new invigorating perspective. You could consider your gut feeling as well. =)

      Can you put a description or a figure to your "gut"? =)
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    Mar 24 2012: Derek,

    My own voice is my prevailing conscience. Others are background vocals.

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      Mar 25 2012: I like the image of background vocals. I imagined some soul-ful singing. =)

      Thanks for reading my thoughts and sharing yours. =D
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    Mar 23 2012: Sometimes its fear,
    sometimes love,
    sometimes anxiety,
    sometimes joy,
    sometimes doubt,
    sometimes confidence,
    sometimes experience and logic speckled with carelessness....
    It differs..... but everytime its just me
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    Mar 21 2012: I agree with Ana on the inter-relationship between head and gut...one is rational/irrational thought (mine too is often in over-drive) the other, the 'gut' is linked to intuition- spilt second awareness which bypasses conscious thought. The voice inside our head or 'self-talk' as I've heard it called is our on-going internal narrative which helps us process and make decisions which creates a survive and/or thrive paradigm. ....I think!!?
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    Mar 19 2012: The prevailing voice in my head often says nothing at all. Just observes, free of entanglement.
  • Mar 25 2012: "Myself" where mySELF is the collection of experiences that is making n changing me day by day..
    >> The Voice in my head is not merely ME , but The Voices thats creating ME..
    Since I believe in multiple lives. i feel "Instinct / Gut feeling/ Free Will " is the voice remembered thru lives where as "Logic" is based on just Present Life Experiences..

    Thank You :D
  • Mar 23 2012: Confucius, Whenever I will be doing or do something, it always comes to my mind the golden rule "do not do to others what others you don't want to do unto you". This quote always comes to my mind especially in decision-making whether personal, love or work. I always come to think "what if does happen to me to?" or I always, as much as possible try to step in to his/her shoes. Another thing, I greatly believe in Karma, what goes around comes back around. :)

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      Mar 24 2012: Ah...one of my creeds. =)

      Rooted in many religious institutions, is that saying, but I think it is a way of life.
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    Mar 22 2012: Yes, our gut (that is to say digestive tract) has it's OWN intelligence. That's how come we FEEL danger or anticipate an important event for example. I believe there are two instances when we should trust our gut; 1. When making important decisions (contrary to what a lot of people think). Don't necessarily follow your gut when ordering a pizza or planning your weekend for example, but deciding to marry or getting a sense of a potential new job- absolutely! It's counter-intuitive to trust the gut on really important things- it goes against our developed pre-frontal cortex but it's often correct. I agree with Ana, mine's always been right too! My boss says our complex recruitment process is justified but if we give him 5 minutes in a room with candidates he can tell us which one will get the job, this comes to the second instance when we should trust our gut 2.When have extended EXPERIENCE of something. Jonah Lehrer has written 'The Decisive moment' on just these points. Well worth a read.
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    Mar 21 2012: I think we all have this 'gut feeling', some more than others, but I am sure that, in my case, it has proved itself to be more punctual, even though my over-analyzing mind dismissed it as wrong or just too radical. But , at the end, when I look back- it has ALWAYS been right.
    Guys, let me put it in a simple situation: you all know that feeling when you meet somebody and they seem all nice, intelligent, you seem attracted to them immediately.....but there is that 'gut feeling' from the beginning telling you that something is just not right. The more you spend time with that person, the louder that voice becomes. But, your mind keeps shutting it up because, realistically, that person has done nothing wrong. One day, 'gut feeling' just gives up, your mind overrides it......and after some time, longer or shorter, rude awakening happens: that person uncovers their true self and you remember the warning from your 'gut'. I am sure you had this at least once.
    I am sure that 'instinct' or 'gut feeling' , call it as you like, is wiser and much better ally to us, we only need to let it serve its purpose.
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      Mar 22 2012: So "gut feeling" comes from your stomach, right? or does it happen in your head?

      For example, sometimes I get these headaches, and I wonder if it is because that is my intuition warning me or am I just dehydrated? =P
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        Mar 22 2012: It comes from your stomach, as the name implies. Unless, your gut is in your head. In that case, your headaches might not be due to dehydration, maybe you are just hungry. :PP
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        Mar 22 2012: The nerve system isn't made up out of a brain alone. It is modern to speak like everything is controlled in the head but centuries back and even today in some culture the brain isn't seen as much important.
        The basic information we get by feeling and a lot of nerve cells involved are located around the heart and stomach and liver.
        Most animals function perfectly without a brain of much size and in our case most of that brain has developed to coordinate the complex movement of hands, fingers and feet. The use of our hands predisposed humanity to start thinking but information of real concern we receive from our feelings.
        Most people and in particular the male part are too much in their heads. They never developed their feeling capabilities.
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          Mar 23 2012: So, could it be possible some individuals have their nerves wired differently, like my head feeling weird sometimes?
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    Mar 21 2012: To be honest the voice in my head is actually my own (unless I'm thinking about what someone said or thinking about a song)....other than that its my own voice....

    The one word that often plays over is the word vicissitude or confabulatory (I have no reason as to why this is)

    interesting question
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      Mar 22 2012: Those are some funny words, but it is how the brain is wired or unwired, I guess. =)
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    Mar 20 2012: Me , myself
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    Mar 20 2012: Mind's I.
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    Mar 19 2012: Socrates. Every time.
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    Mar 26 2012: Derek --

    Love the image of soulful singing. Seems you've now "read" my thoughts somewhat, too. Thank YOU.

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      Mar 26 2012: I try to read between the lines I guess. ;)
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    Mar 22 2012: I had no idea my inquisition would lead to such a thriving development on the topic.

    Thanks to all that have contributed so far. =)