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How do you find out what your passion is ?

We are all interested in many subjects. sometimes we are fortunate to be good at many of them. how do you find out which one deserves further investment ? I understand that specialization in very specific topics is considered value today and getting good at all of your interests is out of the question.

here is an example,
Mr X has great management skills and abilities, he follows technology news everyday and is always a early-adopter of new innovations. he is fascinated by the genesis and reads books on universe, big bang, creation, genesis, evolution, etc. he is also curious on how mind works, he also studies on the biochemistry of brain, structure of mind and psychology of human behavior.
Mr X also has good imagination and a great story teller, he has never tried that but he thinks he has the potential to be a writer.

there is no multidisciplinary course to contain all of these concepts. what shall Mr X do ? which one of these interests can be a passion. what is the way of knowing it ?


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    Mar 21 2012: SINA! I love this question! Isnt it the point of every day? This generation no longer feels like we have to work at the same company doing the same thing for 40 years, and we are free to really pursue what gives us life. But what a question to answer!

    I have been spending the last 3 months especially on this and am so grateful to have figured out what my core passion is and will outline a few tips solely from my own experience that might possibly help someone else... or you!

    1. Be simple. We tend to over analyze ourselves, other people, situations. We each have instinct. If something brings you joy, note what that is.
    2. After you determine a list of things you love, can you boil them down to the exact activity or aspect of that thing that you enjoy?
    3. Now see what overlaps...
    4. See if you can differentiate what your core mission is versus vision. Mission wakes you out of bed. Mission is how you love relating to people. Vision is the avenue by which that mission is manifested.

    For example, my mission is to motivate and mobilize people toward X to have a greater impact than if I was to work alone. My vision is to eliminate the absence of basic needs for people in developing countries. So I will use my mission, the core of who I am, to connect people and ideas and work toward accomplishing my vision.

    These are my quick thoughts and I hope they make sense!
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      Mar 21 2012: WOW... That was one hell of a comment .. thank you very much for your insightful response.
      I enjoyed the four steps you mentioned and I am trying to apply that to come up with an answer.

      first let me share my experience with everyone that being simple that is your first step is not as easy as it seems it is. but it is a powerful concept that really helps.
      I have already done steps 2 and 3 but regarding the 4, the mission and vision let me add a little piece of information to the equation. I am trying to find a Phd program that will encompass all or most of these topics I love. but most interdisciplinary ones include 2 or 3 and not more. do you know a scientific topic that encompasses these topics all ? O was thinking of philosophy but it is not what I have in mind exactly.


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