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How do you find out what your passion is ?

We are all interested in many subjects. sometimes we are fortunate to be good at many of them. how do you find out which one deserves further investment ? I understand that specialization in very specific topics is considered value today and getting good at all of your interests is out of the question.

here is an example,
Mr X has great management skills and abilities, he follows technology news everyday and is always a early-adopter of new innovations. he is fascinated by the genesis and reads books on universe, big bang, creation, genesis, evolution, etc. he is also curious on how mind works, he also studies on the biochemistry of brain, structure of mind and psychology of human behavior.
Mr X also has good imagination and a great story teller, he has never tried that but he thinks he has the potential to be a writer.

there is no multidisciplinary course to contain all of these concepts. what shall Mr X do ? which one of these interests can be a passion. what is the way of knowing it ?


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    Mar 19 2012: when you can't figure out whethr its work or play ...some quote from someone says that..and thats the surest way of knowing because that which gives you most joy is the wellspring of your passion--it could be one thing or a few ,or a person or a place but you will know
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      Mar 19 2012: We are on the same page Sangita:>)
      I call all life experiences work/play...do what you love, or love what you're doing.
      Passion, to me, is not something "out there" to "find". I carry my passion in my heart at all times:>)
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        Mar 19 2012: Dear Colleen,

        I think doing what we love absolutely makes sense where loving what we do does not make sense at all. you can not force yourself to love sth.
        when you carry your passion in your heart it means you already know what it is and that is exactly my question. how to know a particular subject is your passion. where is the borderline of being interested and being passionate about sth. which one shall be chosen as a professional career ?
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          Mar 19 2012: Sina,
          You are certainly welcome to your own opinion, and life choices:>)

          I do not "force" myself to love. As I've said many times here on TED, the life experience for me, is about learning, growing, evolving as an unconditionally loving person, and I believe that is an idea worth spreading:>)

          I understand your question Sina, and I do not agree that passion is necessarily about a particular interest as a professional career, or a particular "subject", although it could be. I have had several careers and have totally loved them all...enjoying each and every moment of the learning experience, while contributing to the whole of humankind:>)

          As I said, "Passion, to me, is not something "out there" to "find". If you think/feel it is, then carry on...it is a choice for all of us:>) I prefer to feel the passion in myself, and I have found that with passion for life, those interests/careers/subjects that draw me become more and more clear. I LOVE exploring life with curiosity:>)
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          Mar 19 2012: Hi Sina,
          Quote: "where loving what we do does not make sense at all"

          I understand that thought I quote yet it isn't what it seems to be.

          Once I didn't like the work I did, in fact I hated it. Married with a bunch of children, I didn't think I had much choice than to proceed.
          One day I changed my attitude because of the realization that if I had to do it anyway, I better did it with love.
          That changed everything. The results improved, I was focused, it was more satisfactory and I mastered the job perfectly so I could do it like a dance. I wasn't working any longer but dancing all day every day.

          It isn't what you do that matters but how you do it. Whatever you think needs to be done is worth of doing with full attention and focus, it is worth to be done well.
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          Mar 19 2012: I agree Frans...it isn't what we do as much as HOW we do it:>)

          I LOVE the image of you "dancing" all day Frans:>)
          "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass...it is about learning to dance in the rain".
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        Mar 19 2012: Thank you Colleen,

        I do understand your definition of passion and I too share the same idea that being passionate is about the whole life not just one topic. perhaps we will reach a better common understanding of my issue if we change the word passion with " profession" which one of these topics available in the world should be followed professionally. as I mentioned in my comment to sylvia, Life has limited resources, time, energy, youth, and if I had unlimited resources I would have loved to learn to play piano, study cosmology, physics, etc. but now life forces us all to choose one as a profession. I have already done that but I am willing to deviate a little and pursue what I really want that is not just one topic. some careers make it possible to be active in many fields, like philosophy, management ... I think a career in idea generation and management perhaps could be the best. is there such a multidisciplinary topic to cover a great range of fields in life ?
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          Mar 19 2012: Dear Sina,
          I am not simply using MY definition of passion. Passion - syn: "Fervor, Ardor, Enthusiasm, zeal. Why would we NOT live life with these qualities?

          I honestly don't feel that "life forces us" to do anything. Yes, sometimes there are challenges we need to face, and we have choices regarding how we face the challenges.
          As Frans insightfully says...it is an attitude, and we have the opportunity to choose our attitude in each moment.

          In my experience, when we live life passionately, all kinds of doors and windows open for us. If there is not a "multidisciplinary topic" that suits you, create it! Your profile suggests that you have explored many different areas of interest...have you done that without passion? Without joy?
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        Mar 19 2012: Dear Colleen,

        I was about to suggest that the idea is poetic but not practical that I reached this sentence of yours:

        "If there is not a "multidisciplinary topic" that suits you, create it!"

        that is the type of answer I was looking for. Thank you.
        It brought new insight into the problem and it is the fact that sometimes we do not find a template that fully suits who we are in the world outside. this is a barrier to mind that we should get rid of soon.

        The dilemma was that I was trying to select one out of many topics I loved and could not let go of any of them. I have studies everything I have written in my profile with passion and joy (you are right).
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          Mar 19 2012: Thank you Sina....it's FUN to be "right"!!! LOL:>)

          "If your ship hasn't come in...swim out to it"
          (Mary Engelbreit)

          Did you look at that link I posted a couple comments back? I truly believe that "life is not about waiting for the storm to pass...it's about learning to dance in the rain". I also believe that gratitude is an important part of passion, and living life blissfully, mindfully, with awareness. It's important to recognize where we've been and the lessons we've learned with gratitude. This knowledge builds a wonderful foundation for whatever is to come next:>)
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          Mar 21 2012: My apologies Colleen and Sina Elli for posting again but felt must share 2 things..one ,that it should not be a dliemma if many things vy for your attention..you can enjoy delving into all ,i am beseiged by a number of things i love to do ,my work,my family ,painting ,singing ,cooking,writing,reading ,theres always a pile of stuff left an sometimes i am overwhelmed and ready to collapse but the resurgence is sure ,steady..2nd thing is constantly learning how fortunate we are to have the great gift of choosing how we can live..I work amidst so many women and children for whom survival comes first and who have scant hope and extreme deprivation..the inequity is disturbing and harsh..a hot meal everyday brings happiness ...
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          Mar 21 2012: Sangita....same page again...and no apologies needed for your wonderful posts!

          I do not recognize many diverse interests as a "dilemma" or "problem" either. I LOVE and am grateful for having many different interests, and find that at different times in my life, different interests take center stage.

          I have also worked with women and children who have NO choices, and for whom survival is the scope of their everyday life.
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        Mar 19 2012: Dear Colleen,

        I would like to thank you for taking time and replying. You are doing it professionally becasue your comments are both prompt and to the point.

        I enjoyed watching the movie in the website you introduced and also love the quote:
        "If your ship hasn't come in...swim out to it"
        (Mary Engelbreit)

        Although I have always loved dancing, running, opening my arms like wings under the rain and without an umbrella, I do not agree with totally applying that concept to life. partially I am ok with that and I think it will be very beneficial but not totally.
        here is the reason.
        Positive thinking when proposed created a lot of hype and people accepted that with human-race-wide thirst for happiness but years after there was nothing but disappointment. positive thinking is the theme for many commercial products as it is the case with the website you have provided. It is a beautiful concept without a question but It does not simply work. when people still find moments of sorrow and happiness they are told that they might not have applied the concept properly and so they go back and try again and again.
        I do not remember the source but a few months ago I read this research that thinking positively and this very attempt in large scale study has backfired and lead to more sorrow.

        I believe a normal healthy person should not feel happy all the time or be thankful for every terrible thing that happens. one can and shall not be grateful for everything. this will kill the contrast in life and soon you will see that the one-dimensional life is the worst place to be.
        happiness is of great value because and only because it is not always there and it has a price. once you pay the price you have every right to be happy and once you do not life will not simply reward you. human mind is nothing short of a miracle and it has the ability to superficially deceive itself but not deeply. rain dancer knows deep there that he is not happy and he shall move to where sun shines.
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          Mar 20 2012: Sina,
          It is my pleasure to reply....to connect with people.....to have respectful conversations....sharing information...ideas worth spreading:>)

          I believe we are all mirrors to each other reflecting information back and forth, and I also believe we know everything we need to know about ourselves when/if we are serious about exploring our "self". We have the information we need to learn, grow and evolve, and we remind each other all the time:>) I'm simply reminding you of what you know in your heart.

          I am not proposing creating "a lot of hype" with positive thinking. "Thinking" is just that, and an important part of the process, but only one part. To be effective, we need to embrace all parts of the process....live the concept....not just "think" it....you see?

          A "normal healthy person" is BALANCED. I respect your beliefs as YOUR beliefs, and I do not agree with your interpretations and perceptions.
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        Mar 20 2012: Dear Colleen,

        The respect is mutual for sure. and despite our disagreement on that matter I love reading your comments that are almost always bring new insight to the subject under discussion.

        albeit I diasagree with the dancing in the rain concept but I am going to try it for a while. and I will try to do it as you suggest by not thinking that I am and instead by knowing I am. I will give that my best shot. and I will be back with my feedback.
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      Mar 19 2012: I do agree Sangita, yes "that which gives you most joy is the wellspring of your passion." that's one of the clues i am looking for. thank you.
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      Mar 21 2012: First let me express my gratitude for you being involved in this discussion. feel free to add anything you might find useful.

      You and Colleen are both right. if I feel I am interested in all these topic I can delve into them all. Now I am trying to find a topic that can contain them all together, and that's because I do not want to invent the wheel all over again when it's already been invented. I might not be aware of such a university subject to study.
      If I can not find one that satisfies me I am going to boldly try and create my own path that will bring them all into the equation.

      Thank you for broaden our view and showing the pictures we might have neglected. yes we are fortunate to live in the higher layers of Mallow's hierarchy of needs and we are living in a world that still suffers from hunger, poverty, illness, and above all I think real illiteracy that will open doors to ignorance, superstition and idiotism and they are the main causes of hunger, poverty, illness, etc.

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