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How do you find out what your passion is ?

We are all interested in many subjects. sometimes we are fortunate to be good at many of them. how do you find out which one deserves further investment ? I understand that specialization in very specific topics is considered value today and getting good at all of your interests is out of the question.

here is an example,
Mr X has great management skills and abilities, he follows technology news everyday and is always a early-adopter of new innovations. he is fascinated by the genesis and reads books on universe, big bang, creation, genesis, evolution, etc. he is also curious on how mind works, he also studies on the biochemistry of brain, structure of mind and psychology of human behavior.
Mr X also has good imagination and a great story teller, he has never tried that but he thinks he has the potential to be a writer.

there is no multidisciplinary course to contain all of these concepts. what shall Mr X do ? which one of these interests can be a passion. what is the way of knowing it ?


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