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What is the 1 Question you'd ask or Idea you'd share with the TED Team ?

Imagine you have complete access to some of the best speakers in the world, TED Fellows, the TED Team and a bunch of the most talented TEDx organizers on the planet. Now imagine all of this happening in Doha, Qatar on 16th April, 2012.

I'm fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend the TEDxSummit in Doha and now I ask you to share with me a question or an idea which needs to be heard.

I'll try my very best to ask/share it with them :)


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    Apr 5 2012: Easy. The specific idea that Humanity has no need for money because We can replace it with what it represents: meaningful energy expended. Add free energy - or as it is known in inventors' circles, overunity - and remove the cost of energy down the line and things at the end are free.

    Since I know We have had overunity for over 50 years, I can say We can add free energy. The technology of electrogravitics became highly classified in late 1959 or early 1960. (My father used to tell Me about His work making discs fly and obtaining overunity - until He came home and told Me, "They want it secret for now." And secret it's been ever since.)

    On top of that, We are at a unique point in Our development where We can build mechanical slaves to do all the necessary work no One want to do (or not enough People).

    This would free the abundance of this planet to flow to all of Us (right now it is hindered by money), and with the interweb, allow Us to affect governance stigmergically (see http://journal.media-culture.org.au/0605/03-elliott.php for a definition) and eliminate the need for government.

    I will suggest They (and You) check out My blog for details of all this. I have it linked in My profile. I recommend most the piece entitled, "The End of Entropy."

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