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What is the 1 Question you'd ask or Idea you'd share with the TED Team ?

Imagine you have complete access to some of the best speakers in the world, TED Fellows, the TED Team and a bunch of the most talented TEDx organizers on the planet. Now imagine all of this happening in Doha, Qatar on 16th April, 2012.

I'm fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend the TEDxSummit in Doha and now I ask you to share with me a question or an idea which needs to be heard.

I'll try my very best to ask/share it with them :)


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  • Mar 20 2012: It wold seem as though almost everyone is concerned about the 'green' movement and reducing our environmental impact, however the most detrimental issue plaguing our planet is the rapid expansion of the human race. It would be a glorious day if we could save every life in every third world country or even domestically, however if such a thing were to occur the scarcity of resources would be ever more apparent. One could even speculate the explosive population boom is the equivalent of the housing market in 2008, just be prepared for it to collapse in a similar way.
    Realistically, how can we combat the catastrophic consequences of species over-saturation(human)?

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