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Low-cost Motion Energy Recovery System (LC_MERS)

My Idea is a create low-cost motion energy sytem that recovers a kinetic energy of motion of our legs or vehicles.LC_MERS consists of :4 commpresion springs
a neodymium magnets
suspended on a string,
a coil (for example Rodin coil, in summer I will check this inductor) connected to the storage battery
and so-called
a passive layer for example speed bump or
road surface in place of zebra crossing. I've uploaded my idea on youtube:

Those elements of LC_MERS cost about 100$, but power of this device is low as against LC_MERS with expensive components.The Third World countries use this for reducing carbon dioxide emissions splashing out a few money. My system base on an electromagnetic induction. What do you think about it?

Closing Statement from Mateusz Jaszak

According to my calculation, 1.2 watt per hour. I'm going to check in summer.

  • Mar 31 2012: Good Idea Dude. How Much Energy will you be generating from the unit area ? What Is its Efficiency ?