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Why don't people pay attention to license plate screws?

People spend thousands of dollars on a car, yet they have rusty lines on their license plates. For an extra few dollars, don't you think automobile manufacturers would use stainless, anti-corrosive license plate screws?

It is ridiculous to see a 60,000 dollar Landrover or Lexus, with rust streaks on the license plates.


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    Mar 28 2012: I suggest you write to the people responsible. Maybe they're ignorant of the problem. I certainly hadn't spent any time worrying about it.
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      Mar 28 2012: Hello! If they are ignorant of the problem, then that is a problem! Why are they not paying attention to this little detail?

      (It's kind of a tongue in cheek question, but now I am beginning to think of the seriousness of it. We have all this technology, and as an automobile based society, we can't add rust-proof screws to an automoblile package?)

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