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Why don't people pay attention to license plate screws?

People spend thousands of dollars on a car, yet they have rusty lines on their license plates. For an extra few dollars, don't you think automobile manufacturers would use stainless, anti-corrosive license plate screws?

It is ridiculous to see a 60,000 dollar Landrover or Lexus, with rust streaks on the license plates.


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    Mar 27 2012: Actually, I was looking for anyone to respond to the question, both seriously and with humor. Social Darwinism is seriously an answer. The powerful are controlling and eating the week...

    The automobile industry should be embarrassed, though...They can't put rust-proof license plate screws on a 30,000 dollar car? The consumer is not aware of this detail until it is too late... and poof...rust marks on their license plate! This means they have to either: let it be, buy rust remover, new screws, or a new plate, or some sort of combination. Think of the environmental waste...Just with rusty license plate screws.

    And...at an auction, you will get more money for your vehicle if it has nice license plate screws. :)

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