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Should basic cosmology, physics,genetics and philosophy be mandatory learning for all school children?

We need to know how it all began. Everyone should know that the universe is closer to 14 billion yo then 6 thousand yo. Our little blue planet has been around for about 5 billion years but it will have no occupants in another million when our sun begins to expand.Our cosy little will have an end.
We need to know how it all works.Everyone should have at least a basic understanding of physics to know how everything works. Einstein understood that few would understand relativity but that should not prevent the rest of us from trying to understand electricity, the internet and pretty much everything else is governed by the laws of physics.
We need to know why we are who we are. The amazing and ongoing advancements in genetic understanding can explain why we are all different. We look different, act differently and think differently. Understanding that we are "programmed" this way might just lead to greater tollerence.
We need to know the type of person that we should aim to be and this can most easily be learned by referring to the great philosophers of our past who devoted their whole lives to this question. Although gone for over two thousand years Plato,among many others, has a lot to teach us all.

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    Mar 18 2012: And if not a complete understand of everything, which requires one heck of an education, at least a thorough understand of how theories are born, live and die.
    This is a key to critical thinking. The rest is googlable.
  • Mar 20 2012: Thank you to the respondees.
    What I am in favour of is implementing current knowledge into the standard curriculum whilst recognising that all ideas are theories to be tested. History has shown us that past ideas have consistently proven to be superceded as knowledge is gained. With that in mind I advocate that what should be taught is that which most satisifies scientific testing. There are a lot of basic components of cosmology, physics and genetics that currently meet critical assessment.
    Philosophy, although a tad more subjective, is a must for all critical thinkers.
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    Mar 19 2012: I'm a creationist but yes these are important except when you say cosmology,no there are several,the two that should be taught are the current two in vogue which is the bang and then there's the other one, plasma.This way the kids will either get interested to prove each other wrong or try their best at proving them all wrong and come up with new exciting theories of their own.
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    Mar 18 2012: I'm in about giving the right information from the start... but how do you EFFECTIVELY explain all that to kids ?
    Even adults are having problem grasping the concepts.