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How do you manage a long distance relationship?

When 2 people meet from opposite sides of the world and they know they enjoy being together and want to be together but work, life, time, distance, time zones amongst many other things get in the way, how do you keep this relationship alive and rekindle the flames and turn a digital dream into a solid reality?

  • Mar 18 2012: patience, trust, and by each enjoying life apart...then sharing the experiences when you are together.
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    Mar 18 2012: A long distance only relationship is not a good idea in the first place but if you have the luxury of seeing each other every once in a while then you should start building trust and be able to communicate everyday. this is possible thanks to all the new internet based communication services that mainly use VOIP and video streaming. as along as you are able to have the necessary brain hormones produced to make it feel real it is real. what is real ? if it is only the matter of being close to each other physically I am sure your brain will compensate for that and even make online [I am not using virtual] love-making feel as good as or even much better than real love.
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    Mar 18 2012: According to me, a well established trust and an understanding in a mutual exclusive/open relationship. And possibly this as well.....
    So, that means you should be in a deep relationship and hopefully it didn't start off long distance. If you are able to trust one another from the start and you started long distance, then great, if not, then it may be an unhealthy relationship.
  • Mar 18 2012: The internet, snail mail, telephone......stuff like that.