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Who SHOULD control children's education? And what if those who should, don't?

We are having a debate on this topic at this link: http://www.ted.com/conversations/10094/education_who_should_have_con.html
when a member suggested that I am really asking TWO questions, so here they are! I am really looking to discover what the general ideas are, so there's no wrong or right answers. Thanks for your participation!


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  • Mar 22 2012: My first response to these questions was the parents, since the parents have the largest influence on their children than anyone else. However, the parents are not there at school teaching their kids, so I change my answer to the teachers. Teachers are on the frontlines of education and their abilities to educate can make or break the level of education their students get from class. For instances, my parents played a small part in my education. The only thing they did was tell me to go to school and if I came home with bad grades, like my brother, I wouldn’t be punished for it. However, my teachers, the good ones, were the ones that really taught me to be excited about learning. I strongly believe that I would not be studying microbiology in university if it were not for my teachers. I also have some experience with horrible teachers that were only teaching for a pay check instead of educating. When there is a large amount of these teachers that lack the desire to teach, like in impoverished areas, then the children will lack in education. I believe that there should be some consequence for teachers who don’t understand the impact they have on their student’s futures.

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