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Who SHOULD control children's education? And what if those who should, don't?

We are having a debate on this topic at this link: http://www.ted.com/conversations/10094/education_who_should_have_con.html
when a member suggested that I am really asking TWO questions, so here they are! I am really looking to discover what the general ideas are, so there's no wrong or right answers. Thanks for your participation!


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  • Mar 20 2012: I myself am a freshman in high school and the way I look at education is, is that the government has set rules, not very strict ones but rules in place that guide you through early education, and then parents are the ones who help tell you how hard to try in school and what you should do after your senior year of high school. Based on the government I need to go to school everyday but I don't think that is the right answer to this question. The public school system is out there to be used but if we don't put forth any effort then it is a waste of time. In my house the question hasn't been am I going to college but what college will I get into. Now talking about the effort factor my parents are extremely harsh in grades compared to my friends, they expect me to do better than how they did in school. This is completely fine with me because I hate failure and I feel that not doing your best on everything you do is just a ware of everyone's time. To sum up if feel that the government should just be there for the rules and guidelines but I think it is the parents who ultimately decide what goes on with their child.

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