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Is the future "infinite copyright" ?

Is there a chance we will go back to a more sensible copyright system ? What would it take to change this trend ?

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    Mar 21 2012: I understand the importance of copyright to properly compensate creatives and inventors, but copyright law is in need of serious reform. It is too complex. To comply, all creative works must be stamped with the author, and the author must explicitly give up their "rights" to compensation to make it freely available. In the world of Open Data, this becomes a nightmare. I've also heard of companies trying to copyright genetic string combinations, which I believe a Judge sensibly shot down.

    To replace copyright, could there be a voluntary option to be designated state sponsored creative? Or would that be just as awful? I am thinking of the Japanese Living National Treasures and how they are honored.
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    Mar 18 2012: Copyleft.
    Creative common.
    And Open source ideology which Steve Jobs openly oppose.

    But copyright is just the grandchild of economy.
    Want it to end ?
    End the need for money...
    *Jean Luc Picard kinda smile*
  • Mar 18 2012: Could you explain your point better?

    I think copyright is obsolete... in the future free sharing wont be illegal, but a way to promote the products. See Hernan Casciari's talk at TEDxRiodelaplata,
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    Mar 17 2012: what would that system be?