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Is there always a reason for something or can spontaniety exist in todays world? Can something really happen without any reason?

Does logic get in the way of your world? Does your emotions get in the way of your world? Do both get in the way of your world?

Have you ever contemplated this? I currently am.....


Closing Statement from Dyed All Hues

I felt that everyones responses were clear and thoughtful.

I felt that my question has been answered.

I also have developed new questions about other things, but that is life.

I am delighted at the results and thankful you have taken the time to respond to my question.

May you treat life well and in return it will treat you well. Thanks for reading and responding to my thoughts. =D


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    Mar 17 2012: The Law of Causality demands that every event is caused by something. Spontaniety has to do with the absence of planning, forethought or premeditation and is separate and distinct from causality. For example, you may do something on the spur of the moment without thinking or planning it. That does not change the fact that there is an underlying cause for you making the decision to do that spontaneous thing. Only God is uncaused.
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      Mar 17 2012: So spotaniety is but a product of reasons? So spotaniety doesn't actually exist and the dictionary definition should be revised then?
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        Mar 18 2012: The way your question is worded, Mr. Young, makes it seem that spontaniety is an event, or action which has no reason. There is no such event or action. Everything has a reason (cause). To be spontaneious simply means to act without first thinking about the possible results of said act. You just do it! That does not mean the act has no cause. Acting with no constraint, effort or premeditation is a valid definition requiring no revision. Even spontaneous acts happen for a reason. Yes, spontaniety is a product of reasons, as you say. If you are looking for acts without reason, or cause, you must look at God's acts.
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          Mar 18 2012: Whose God? If that God had to act, then that means there is some reason. God doesn't suddenly do something with no reason, like say he blinks which causes a bomb to blow up and he goes, "opps...that just happened but eh....I need no reason or cause."
          And "God" is actually a whole other topic, though, but do try and give me an idea without getting deep into the heart of the matter.
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        Mar 18 2012: You are correct, sir. A new topic has arisen. Your search is no longer for understanding regarding spontaneity but for the one, true God. I, personally, recommend the Holy Bible, King James Version. God bless you Mr. Young.
      • Mar 18 2012: hmmm, my freewill let me choose the wrong place to click... perhaps good and evil are too heavy in our discussion though. ALL choices have consequence but only God is eternal and outside these consequences I feel. Are we talking too broad though? Should the question be defined as "can humans truly become spontaneous without losing their psyche to a state of disorder" I certainly experience this in my own life!
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          Mar 20 2012: Yes, disorder, distrust, and disbelief arises from spontaneity and sometimes even death can arise, though these are the negative extremes of spontaneity, I feel that crazy out-of-control feeling when things seem to be really spontaneous.

          What are the goods of spontaneity, since the negatives are such a strong issue right now.

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