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Is there always a reason for something or can spontaniety exist in todays world? Can something really happen without any reason?

Does logic get in the way of your world? Does your emotions get in the way of your world? Do both get in the way of your world?

Have you ever contemplated this? I currently am.....


Closing Statement from Dyed All Hues

I felt that everyones responses were clear and thoughtful.

I felt that my question has been answered.

I also have developed new questions about other things, but that is life.

I am delighted at the results and thankful you have taken the time to respond to my question.

May you treat life well and in return it will treat you well. Thanks for reading and responding to my thoughts. =D


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  • Mar 18 2012: Sorry to interject.... I would like to suggest though that there is a duality between good and evil, God and Satan, order and chaos etc.

    So then to suggest chaos has resaon? I would like to think that it is God who acts out of reason (creation) and Satan who acts out of irrationality (destruction).

    The way I can explain this, is that once something has lived it's healthy life with the energy that is allocated to it when created, it will start to naturally disintegrate and decompose. I am not attempting to join a theological discussion, but I do hope to convince you that there are two states of being, life and death. Other synonymous words could include structured and random, and so I would say yes to the original intent of the question as I have interpreted it.

    Yes there is such a thing as spontenaity (usually denoted a positive connotation), but I would suggest that it will only lead to destruction (at least of the accepted status quo and given norms).

    The poet Bob Dylan possibly was the first to say "Get busy living or get busy dying".

    To sum up my position on this question that has been asked... we have freewill as human beings and so we must continually choose life or death. Yes there are consequences to everything that we do, but, we also have the choice to abstain from action until a better choice presents itself.

    Good question though - I have often doubted it my self :)
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      Mar 20 2012: Thanks for your input. =)

      I always try and think of middle ground or an arbitrary plain, where both can coexists, but life and death is a whole other concept I would check out next, maybe, because life and death is in the realm of extremes, but middle ground for both....something new to ponder about.

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