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Why is it that in school, we were taught that the more complex and advanced the problem was, the better the achievement in solving them?

Why is it that in school we were taught to solve complex and advanced problems? Why is not the story told to us that simple ideas that changed the world?

  • Mar 26 2012: Schools always strive to develop a child at his/her best. In this mission of development, they have to open-up all the faculties of the child at the fullest. And his is possible by testing the hardest possible. Hard practice is not all about the hardness in life but to prepare if it happens, so as for understanding of subjects. They are mind exercises.

    Everything seems simple when a student carry a good knowledge,skill and attitude.

    A vast knowledge is not required to treat a patient but to understand the illness, the diagnose.

    I agree with your thought to make the things simple, but the teacher with simplicity only receive the admiration, and live requires something more to it.

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    Mar 22 2012: Perhaps because in school the object is not to solve the problem (the instructor presumably already has the correct answer) but instead to require the student to demonstrate complex problem-solving techniques.