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The richest people, bill gates, warren buffett are all introverts. What do you think makes introverts successful over extroverts in life?

Some of the world's most richest people are introverts, such as warren buffett and bill gates. What do you think makes them successful? Why is it that introverts are more successful than extroverts?


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  • Apr 10 2012: After reading Susan Cains book and watching the video on youtube.com, i noticed and gathered many ideas. From what I can notice everyone is at least a little of both extrovert and introvert. I have faked being extrovert and it gets people places by networking and exploring new surroundings. Extroverts rush into too many things like tests as seen in college sometimes. From what I have read, we introverts think before we act and sometimes we can be very sensitive. These introverts who we are talking about here came out with ideas ahead of most people. From what I am trying to say is that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are probably highly sensitive people.

    If they are not so sensitive, then maybe they just know what they want from being so old. It might sound wise to say that, but we do learn from our mistakes. They might of seen that others' mistakes and learned to get ahead.. People are addicted to many things. Aside of things, Warren Buffet is for the stock market and he knew how to get ahead by knowing more of what people love. Bill Gates is known to be "cool" because he must of known what people wanted for Microsoft to stand out the way it does. I do believe they are more careful with their money do to being affected with "reward sensation" in a way. They know how to plan, simple as that.

    If that is not the case either, I would love to read it. I just wonder how they made their decisions. Brainstorming does not work with groups of people trying to get a few ideas. Since you are not suppose to criticize any idea. Please comment or give me a book to read.

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