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The richest people, bill gates, warren buffett are all introverts. What do you think makes introverts successful over extroverts in life?

Some of the world's most richest people are introverts, such as warren buffett and bill gates. What do you think makes them successful? Why is it that introverts are more successful than extroverts?


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    Mar 18 2012: Introverts aren't more successful. Yes, you can find a few introverts who've succeeded, but the western society is ruled by salesmen for the most part. The average extrovert greatly outperforms the average introvert in this hyper-competitive environment. Hell, if you can't sell it, it's worthless, and that includes everything that exists.

    And I'm not an extrovert who's rooting for the big mouths to rule the world. I'm one of the folks who's gotten the short end of the stick because of the extroverts and their innate capacity to redirect attention to whatever it is that they've got for sale.

    I'm kind of surprised that anyone would be asking this question, to be quite honest.

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