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How can automation take over in our work? Would it be possible where all our work is automated? What would happen to us then?

Automation is a strong force in the industry, and here even the case of many jobs have been automated, such as SAP. So what would happen to the accountant? What would their role be in this new world where automation takes over? Would automation eventually take over the entire world?

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    Apr 14 2012: Lets look at this sideways. It would depend on where you are in the pecking order. Owners: More profit. Same input.
    CEOs senior management: More profit sharing. Same input, almost zero. High Level technicians / inventors: More hands on less lab, higher shared income. White collar / Blue collar: Almost non-existant: Highest impact, lowest salary, zero respect. Read Animal farm; 1984; brave new world as indicators of what Huxley and Orwell thought it would be like. Even the latest movie craze, "The Hunger Games", touches upon the future as you suggest. As for taking over the world all of these reference materials and the movie suggest that there would be "primative areas" still in existance where people still have sex, give birth, farm, and work. These are freaks and advanced people take vacations to visit the primative cultures and their ways. Makes you think .... All people are programed as is the whole of society is automated. Best. Bob
  • Apr 14 2012: Definitely pretty much everything that can be automated will be automated... But that does not mean that humans will be obsolete.

    Parallelly, we will enhance ourselves and with the help of automation, we will be freer for creative pursuits.

    The path is most likely convergent for automation and humans (perhaps even a lot of natural life) towards the emergence of a 'higher entity'.
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    Mar 18 2012: No. Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.
    • Apr 14 2012: lol... we can begin by working on artificial stupidity ;P
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        Apr 14 2012: There is currently no demand as there is vast amounts of natural stupidity available.