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http://www.quora.com/Online-Governance - To build a discussion and project platform to solve complex and international problems.

How could we build a discussion platform to solve complex and international problems?
How could the structure of discussions on complex problems be translated to an online interface in order for a community to collaborate on solving those problems?

I think our world needs an online governance platform. A platform which allows people to facilitate, discuss, mediate, structure, build up and understand personal, political, corporate, NGO and non-profit governance. A collaborative platform where everyone could work on policy and make things happen.

The idea is to weigh, discuss, structure and mediate projects/questions/problems that arrive from a community-based website comparable to, yet more complex than Quora.com. I'm developing a workflow which could serve as an example. Please let me know if you'd like to join the brainstorm.

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    Mar 17 2012: I just had an idea,it looks unworkable and full of holes but we all know that the net allows us to communicate our inner thoughts and beliefs which is a very vulnerable part of us,hence why the word "Flame " is prevalent in today s net language,i myself have flamed before i could catch myself,it's rather quite upsetting when one realizes just how silly one can be.

    I propose that there be age group discussion lobbies.

    It's so that the youngest can discuss issues amongst themselves rather than be absorbed into the older sets ways and so it goes up the ladder to our elderly gens,of course the lobbies are free to come and go but one can only vote within ones age lobby.

    Remember the net populous is fickle and prone to following demagogues.