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To what extent are you "Open-Minded" when it comes to a topic you dislike or hate the most? Can you change or accept the fact of it?

I think that being open-minded is taking other peoples ideas, such as the whole concept of TedTalks. It is for me to read/hear/watch others actions/words/written pieces/creations for achieving open-mindedness. I do have certain topics I have difficulty talking about, but I want to be able to accept and see their side of the world as well. For instance, religion is very interesting, but when someone says their ideal religion is the best and you must become one of us, I have a hard time talking to these people, but I try as best I can to hear them out. Sometimes I lose my composure, but I usually want to hear their claims for their beliefs. I also challenge their mindset at the same time.

I want to understand your strong dislikes as well as your capacity to sit and talk about this "dislike". Do we fear nothing, but fear itself, or is there much more to it?


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