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Education: who should have control over children's education?

When it comes to education there are different appoaches available. Just to name two your parents could be the ones who decide for you, or it could be the government, or even a combination of these two: the government sets a minimun standard and it's up to the parents to choose how to fill the gap. My question to you is: are children too young to make sound decisions about their future? If so, who should be in charge of developing their skills, knowledge and potential?
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    Mar 20 2012: Thanks all for contributions and please continue to do so, I just wanted to add some ideas to enlarge the conversation. What happens if the child's parents refuse to send him/her to school when he/she reaches age six? what if they chose a different path for their child? What if governments decide not to support anymore the present system of education? what if everything was left in the hands of the child's family?
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      Mar 21 2012: Then may the figurative "GOD" help us all. ;)
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      Mar 21 2012: I think as humans we will learn something from our experiences....also there is no one stopping one from becoming self-educated.

      For example, growing up I was never encouraged to do homework or read books. I did all this on my own doing. My parents did not really care and this continues to be the case for me now that I'm in college.

      Many cultures have done just fine without having an established governmental system. Many ancient cultures were way ahead of their time.

      speaking in terms of technology perhaps these cultures may have been slow but in other domains of education, they were proficient.

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