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Education: who should have control over children's education?

When it comes to education there are different appoaches available. Just to name two your parents could be the ones who decide for you, or it could be the government, or even a combination of these two: the government sets a minimun standard and it's up to the parents to choose how to fill the gap. My question to you is: are children too young to make sound decisions about their future? If so, who should be in charge of developing their skills, knowledge and potential?
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  • Mar 20 2012: I think Teacher should have the biggest responsibility in children's education. I mean we all spend most of our youth in school. We start at 8 a.m. and finish at 6 p.m. If we remove the time we spend sleeping, doing our stuffs (hobbies or whatever), there's not much time spent with the parents.

    Therefore, teachers must take the biggest responsibility in the youth future. I've always believed that school isn't just all about learning how to read and do maths. It should be about building children, learning them more about how to behave in life.

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