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Value of privacy on the internet.

A recent article on a popular website states that the average internet user values his/her privacy at 65 Cents.

It's amazing how little some people value digital privacy. People are comfortable sharing all their personal details on social networking sites to strangers. They will give up their contact information to advertising companies and make themselves the target of spam, all for a free screensaver.

Do you think the average user will ever understand the value of his personal data?


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    Mar 16 2012: The average user feels safe in the comfort of their own home while browsing and "subscribing" to spam and all sorts of privacy stealing agencies. Most users also feel "anonymous" on the web and think their privacy cannot be hijacked. So, the answer is NO! The average user will never understand the value of his personal data and frankly does not care.
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      Mar 16 2012: Good Point Gabe. They value comfort much more than privacy. But I do see a little change in the recent past. People are beginning comprehend whats at stake. I hope the trend flourishes.
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        Mar 18 2012: I agree.
        I hope that trend flourishes too.

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