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Take poor families on fun activity days, so they have pleasant memories and may have more reason to escape poverty.

We have many programs that provide food, and shelter to impoverished people. However, there aren't many that are providing for the emotional well being of these families, other than counseling.

I believe taking families on fun activity days would do two things.

1. It would be a pleasant memory to raise their general mood.

2. It may be a catalyst giving them more incentive to change their impoverished condition, by nature of wanting more enjoyable experiences.

Please share any thoughts you have on this, as well as any ideas for implementation. Thank you.

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    Mar 9 2011: I read something somewhere about a project to take young high-schoolers to college for a day and have them shadow an older student. It was targeted at kids from disadvantaged backgrounds who had no personal or family experience to help them envisage a future that included them in college.

    The idea was that after a day of seeing how their own future could look, they would be motivated to aim a bit higher. I have no idea what the outcome was, but it sounds like a good idea. Your suggestion is in a similar vein, and I like it too.
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    Mar 8 2011: This is a great concept. Defining "fun day" might be challenging. What's fun, safe, and inspiring is subjective. Maybe we could come up with a list of activities and conduct a poll on which activities a sponsor would enjoy, and which activities families might enjoy.
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      Mar 8 2011: Thanks Lee. You're right, "fun" certainly is very subjective. I was thinking we could have different activity days and have a sign up sheet at the local food bank. Initially I envisioned a van taking a few families to something like Chuck E. Cheese for pizza & games to give them fun and a good meal.