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What do you know about Attention Deficit (Hyper) Disorder(ADD/ADHD) and what is your view on the issue?

I am curious to find out if this is a big issue. If so, then is this just a social construct for people who are lazy or is this an actual medical/psychological issue that needs attending to. I am looking for as many facts, observations, scientific knowledge, first hand stories, etc. about all of the issue. I need to expand my perspective on this issue. Hopefully with your help, I can figure out what I can personally conclude about my own diagnosis of ADHD and if it is all in my head or I have no control of certain things I do.


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  • Mar 18 2012: last year when i studied about mental disorders in detail, i observed that that i had shown symptoms of many disorders in the past. ADHD was one of them. although i was good academically, i used to remain very agitated and reactive. i couldnt focus at the task at my hand for long if it wasnt interesting for me. luckily 2 years back i learned a meditation technique. i think it has helped me to focus better and changed my behaviour completely.
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      Mar 20 2012: Do you have a link or description of this meditation?
      • Mar 20 2012: Yes. The meditation technique I learned is known as "Vipassana". You can google it. It's a well known technique. This technique is more associated with Buddhist philosophy. The teachers claim that Vipassana is the same meditation technique which Gautam Budhha had originally invented. It's one of the rigorous of all the meditation techniques presently taught. During the course we have to spend 10 days at the meditation center without speaking with anyone and only required to observe oneself as per the instructions of teachers. You can read better description on their website. I found it to be a combination of psychoanalytical and cognitive psychotherapies. I've seen people successfully giving up their long term habits by following this technique. One may be required to attend more than one courses for better results. After going through their website, if you have any doubt please let me know.
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          Mar 20 2012: Thanks for the help and I will let you know. =)

          It is funny, you are both an atheist and a buddihst?
      • Mar 20 2012: By birth I am a Hindu, but by now I've developed strong belief in Buddhist principles. I dont believe in god. I believe that Gautam Buddha was a common man just like you and me. And he never believed in worshiping God too. It's an irony that his followers made him a god and created number of statues all around the world. The one thing I like about the Buddhism is, they only ask people to follow the Buddhist principles and not to change their original religion.
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          Mar 21 2012: Ahh....beautifully put Girish. I now have a deeper meaning of buddhism, they are more of a guiding light. I believe that all religions teach principles as well and I am facinated by that, but the spiritual aspect can sometimes be a daunting factor to fathom. Some religious extremist really boil my blood. =P
      • Mar 21 2012: I think, Extremist people are found in almost all religions. It's upto us what we want to take from them.
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          Mar 22 2012: Such is life. We should see all and take in all knowledge that comes our way, but one should know how to filter what makes ethical, logical, and practical sense. =)
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          Mar 22 2012: Oh, and by the way, I checked out "Vipassana". I am very interested in trying out one of their 10 day retreats. Thanks for letting me know about it. =)
      • Mar 26 2012: You are welcome Derek... I will just suggest you to attend this course with open mind without any preconceptions and be ready to take whatever you observe to be correct by your own experience...

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