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Shall We Pity the Entertainment Industry?

It may be hard to say yes or no, but what the SOPA debate and others like it have come down to is this:

1. The current media distribution model is not working for some companies.
2. They perceive their model as failing because of illegal acts.
3. These so called illegal acts are so pervasive that everyone and their brother has taken part of them on occasion, if not often, for almost a decade.

So do we then:
A. Ask the government to step in and help these companies implement their ideal business model with more crackdowns and legislation?
B. Allow the market, or some other force, to make these companies accept the current reality and either adjust and create a new model that is profitable or simply parish the way of the horse buggy and cassette tape?


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    Mar 16 2012: I appreciate your long reply. But, don't you think there should be some safeguards (until an extent) to stop piracy? After all piracy is stealing, right?

    I spoke about the profits as part of the industry as a whole. The jobs point was on a more emotional level.

    P.S. I wanted to post this as a reply to your comment, but I guess TED.com does not allow more than three levels of conversation.
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      Mar 16 2012: Gowtham,
      Piracy has to do with ships on the high seas.

      The pirate boards another's vesel and removes goods and value from that vesel,

      Often kills everyone on board and either sinks or steals the vesel.

      With digital copy nothing is removed, the vesel and crew remain intact.

      What we are talking about here is prohibition.
      Using the word "pirate" is a mind-screw for you to suck-up (as you have).
      Prohibition always creates a black market - always.
      And most artists will tell you that the real pirates are the IP companies - as they take-over our creations, remove our value and leave us discouraged.

      Jobs? .. jobs are for money. Creative artist have no need of jobs - they have work. Big difference.
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