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podcasts worth listening to

In the same kind of spirit as the TEDconversations about our favorite books and documentaries, which podcasts (or radio shows) would you recommend for your fellow TEDsters?

To get the ball rolling, I'll suggest 'radiolab' which I believe will delight the scientific and artistic souls alike. To get a good idea for what the show is like, you might want to listen to one of the longer episodes that come out every month and a half or so (most recently 'Escape').

Hoping I'm the only one here who likes to listen to podcasts.

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    Mar 16 2012: I love podcasts and radio programs. Its nice to listen to something intellegent while doing chores and not being hypnotized by a screen

    I live in a small city in Canada, so most of my favorite talk radio programs are from the cbc. Here are a few of my favorite programs (I know TED is a global place so I am refraining from adding programs that focus more on Canadian politics and social issues.)

    quirks and quarks (science program)
    ideas (the name speaks for itself)
    recivilization (short series on how the information age is reshaping society)
    spark (technology)
    Age of persuasion / Under the influence (series about marketing and advertisement; quite interesting)
    As it happens (current affairs with a little humour)

    I look forward to hearing other peoples suggestions, as I sometimes think I am a little CBC-centric.
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      Mar 17 2012: I also listen to Under the Influence (and before that the Age of Persuasion), that would be another one of my strong recommendations!