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An online implementation of consensus-based direct democracy.

As Jennifer discusses in this talk, politics is such a tiny fraction of government (I would say it is also dispensable). A government of, by and for the people would see the people participating, and their voices and actions being heard.

The gist of my idea is that decisions on any level would only be made on a consensus basis. That is, no concerns regarding any issue will go unheard. This would be implemented via an online forum, the details of which are yet to be sorted out (hence this conversation!).

My question is: does anyone have any suggestions regarding how to manage such a forum? The key point is that everyone must be heard, but repetitive arguments would need to be discarded. Also, irrational arguments would be seen as such and discarded. An important aspect of this system is that everyone has an equally important voice. Thus, I think it is appropriate to construct the system in accordance with that principle - by seeking the input of a wide range of people.

I have written an article which describes this in greater detail - both why it is necessary and how it is to be implemented.


What I quite enjoy about Jennifer's talk, and which I think applies to my idea as well, is that it is not necessary to wait for a government to step in and implement this in the typically slow and expensive way - rather, an independent, motivated group of individuals could take initiative. If it becomes viral, it may then be adopted in an official way.

Any comments/criticisms are welcome. It is recommended that you read the article linked in this explanation, in order to get a good understanding of the idea proposed.


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    Mar 16 2012: you can try to change the world but you'll only get half of the world to agree with you. also for any real change to be of value its got to be lasting and consistent.asking us at ted wont make this possible don't the hard work will if you make that choice ill support it if you get it made and soon.
    • Mar 16 2012: You're right in that a lot of hard work is required to get it off the ground - the reason I brought the idea here is that for this idea to really go anywhere it requires input from a wide range of people, for it is a collaborative project.

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