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Why do we die until we want to die & until we have lived our lives fully? What is beyond that?

While I appreciate the various questions raised in the conversation titled "Questions no one knows the answers to", I would ask one more question. It is something that deals with us directly and most closely and it is - why do we die?
It is not that I had not seen people die before, but last year I saw my grandfather die. It was only on loosing someone so close that made me question life. I was a lot more close to him then I was to anyone in my family. He meant so much to me. He had sacrificed his whole life for his family. He had never even boarded a plane! I was scheduled to give my exams and we had thought once I clear them well & get a job, with my earnings,we'll roam the world, enjoy life. He would always be proud of my academic accomplishments, even though to the world and to me they were simply average. To me his death was untimely -irrespective of his health conditions. It was the death of our dreams, how could his life end when he had not lived it fully, before he wanted to die? It makes me question why do we die, until we want to die & have lived our lives fully? Wwhat happens after that? For about a month and a half, each night I would wait to see him, to see his soul, until I had to face the reality & get back to life, get back to studies. I always believed we just have one life and we must live it fully, but today I hope my grandfather would have taken rebirth and this time would able to fulfill all his dreams. Its a thought to convince myself, to continue with my own life.
But at the same time I fear what if I too face the same fate? It's said we all have a purpose in life, a path. But have you not seen too many people die without living their life? What happens to their path, their purpose? At TED we have our speakers who have accomplished so much in their lives, to us they are the people with a purpose in life. What about the purpose, the path of an ordinary man?
Irrespective of the number of opinions, there's no answer to this question.


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    Mar 16 2012: life is what you do and death is part of life. cherish today live for tomorrow.

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