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Are we creating something new, or changing something old?

I have always been interested in molecular gastronomy and i am a big fan of Alinea, sorry guys. Chefs at molecular gastronomy restaurants always try to take a classical dish and take it into the new world. So did they create a new dish, or did they just change the way to present it? For example the restaurant sepia, located in Australlia, run by Chef Martin Benn has a dish based off rive rocks. They are essentially just ice cream frozen in liquid nitrogen in the shape of a river rock with various toppings. So did he create a completely new dish or a new method for an old one? My question is, are we actually creating something new, or changing something old?


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    Mar 14 2012: Unless we really discover new stuff (meaning a new veggie or animal or whatever else), it always will be just something old in a new presentation.
    Which is perfectly valid and fine from my perspective, especially when it comes to cusine, since eating and drinking involves all our senses.
    Personally, I find molecular cooking interesting (probably because of my chemistry background....lol), although I don't think that's something to be around for the long term.
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      Mar 16 2012: So if we find, or create, a new apple for example and turn it into an apple pie is it new? Or is it an apple pie?
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        Mar 16 2012: Turning an apple into an apple pie is creating something new. because the apple is only a part of the new stuff (pie). It's like a screw. A screw is a screw, but if you use it as an element in a machine you create something new, although the screw doesn't change, but it becomes part of something new.
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          Mar 25 2012: Harald I'm very respectfull about he good old apple pie when its prepared with love and joy...the fragance fom the oven is a memory, th flavor an experience...

          Newton TRANSFORM the apple in the gravitational apple pie...he DISCOVER but not create anything...in the kitchen we COMBINE and discover but not create...with a lot of enlightment maybe some day we coul recreate something (in the kitchen) and I'm telling this from the real experience because I'm chef.
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        Mar 26 2012: Hi Jaime, me too, I'm very respectful of apple pie, especially when I remember my grandmother's Apfelstrudel which was the best on this planet.

        As to creating something new in the kitchen: what about molecular cuisine ? Isn't that getting pretty close to creating something new ?

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