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What topics/subjects/concepts do you think should be taught in primary public schools that are not being taught today?

It seems that most public schools are narrowing their curricula rather than expanding upon them. The impetus is towards standardized testing based upon standardized teaching rather than individualized learning and focused communication. As woeful as this approach is, there are still opportunities to work within that framework and present really useful information to Earth's most important individuals: Our Next Generation.

The classic subjects of Language, Math, Science, History, and Art/Music should be sacrosanct, but what of Collaboration, Empathy, Ethics, Responsibility and Self-Awareness? Maybe we should be teaching really useful things such as Project Management, Personal Finance, and perhaps even (gasp) Independent Thinking? Should these concepts be taught in public school? Can they be taught in public school? If not, why not? If so, how do we proceed?


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    Mar 16 2012: we can proceed if teachers ever run for congress and educate the dumb government and states? just saying the truth budgets control the educators and the tech self learning wont cut it.

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