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What is your source of Inspiration ?

From where do you feel that you find most of your Inspiration and Motivation coming ?
May it be any aspect of Nature, and Famous Personality, Non-Famous Person or anything !


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  • Mar 14 2012: I find inspiration in TED talks and other people that are changing our world for better. I also find technology progress and ideas about how it will help us and the planet Earth the future very inspiring.

    On other hand, daily news esp. in local newspapers and TV are, for me, make me depressed and uninspired so I avoid them as much as I can.
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      Mar 14 2012: From which country you belong brother ?
      • Mar 14 2012: US. Local news are same everywhere (from my experience). It is because we, as human being, tend to be more receptive of bad news.

        What motivates and inspires you?
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          Mar 15 2012: Yeah ... the same is the condition with the Media of India !

          What Inspires me is not any particular thing which I can show or tell !
          Inspiration is what I feel can be taken from anywhere ... may it be Nature or Technology !
          If we go at the basics ... we can even be inspired from other living creatures which we often ignore !

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