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What has been on your mind this week and why?

As we reach the midway mark for the week, I am curious as to what are on the minds of the TED commenters. What is the tone of the thoughts of the online community? What merits more consistent attention? What has sparked your thinking processes this week? Has something made you particularly happy or particularly unhappy?

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    Mar 14 2012: Only studies !
    Because my Exams are going on !
  • Mar 14 2012: Religion.

    Apparently it is on the mind of a lot of people since there are several posts about it right on top of one another. And since I live in the US where we are currently having elections (primaries); and huge battles over the place where religion and the state cross paths, and I feel besieged by the influence of true believers in my life here. Religion, definitely.
    • Mar 15 2012: And what is your personal opinion on the degree to which religion should influence politics? Do elections make you re-think your own beliefs?
      • Mar 15 2012: I am a very firm believer in Jefferson's wall of separation.

        The more theocratic our leaders become (and the trend here in america has been moving that way for the last decade) the more adamant I become in defending that wall. I am always saddened by those who use phrases like the "radical secular agenda". The most radical secularists were our founding fathers. And most I know who prefer a more secular society than not, did not become militant until this last few years. It feels like those claiming that there was a radical secular movement may have actually created one.